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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Party week? Oops.

So party week didn’t go to plan… at all. lol.

Anyway, the only part of Party week that DID go to plan was Sugarmill last night. Me and Dax braved the cold (with me in shorts) and walked up to the mill last night. Was awesome, some fun music, chats, dances and I ran into a long lost friend from new year! Here’s some pics…


 DSCN0500 DSCN0507  DSCN0501DSCN0504DSCN0503DSCN0508  

                                                                           ^^^ Grace was hiding ^^^


Awesome night had by all. Party week is being re-vamped, begging last night and ending next Friday. Riley’s tonight for pool fun, pics will be up tomoro!


The challenge begins this week. As of Monday I’m going to disconnect myself from the internet. I can still use my laptop for music and work but the internet goes off and stays off. It’s an experiment to see if I can get my life in order, instead of spending it all in a ‘fake world’ as my Mum put it.

The only exception is if I use the net for Uni work. Other than that, I’m OFF.
So don’t expect to see me on MSN, Myspace or Facebook anytime soon.

I’ll be keeping brief updates on Twitter so if you’re really interested then head over to

That’s all for now kids, oh don’t forget to listen to A SKYLIT DRIVE – they’re my new favourite band!! Here’s my fave song by them just for you!!

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