Thursday, 26 November 2009

Doctor Who – Scavenger Hunt

Part 2 – The masterpiece

“That’s impossible” the Time Lord cried

“I know,” Martha said “just like I told you.”

“A grandfather clock in the middle of an excavation site, it doesn’t make any sense! Still, from what you’ve said Martha this seems to be an important part of your history, maybe we should just…”


“Leave” The Doctor looked sincerely at his comrade who was worried she wouldn’t achieve her dream of discovering the truth of this mystery she had read so much about, but then he cracked a huge smile and she knew the adventure was on. They walked together across the great plane of dust and sand and scattered shrubs toward the dig site in the far distance. The air was warm, though it carried a soft breeze upon it like waves of clarity upon an invisible ocean which swept the end of the Doctor’s long brown coat around as he walked and Martha’s hair was all over the place. As they neared, a lot of the staff involved in the dig appeared to move off and head back to the camp on the other side of the hill in a large group. Martha and the Doctor could hear them talking wildly and frantically as the hysteria of the clock’s origin exploded into a thousand possibilities. Luckily, the two travelers went unnoticed and they were able to walk straight through to the area where the clock stood; still half buried in dirt.


“That is gorgeous” the Doctor said

“But how did it get here?”

“I dunno… spatial time disruption?" the Doctor mused as he put his specs on “The amount of things that have happened to the timelines over the last few years could have moved anything pretty much anywhere! You’re lucky the Earth is still spinning!”

At that moment, a security guard tapped on the Doctor’s shoulder

“Can I help you?” he grumbled. The Doctor fumbled in his pocket and pulled out his psychic paper and held it updw200502-027

“I’m Doctor John Smith of the London natural history museum and this is my graduate intern Martha Jones.”

“Hi” she said and smiled. The guard examined the blank paper for a few moments with intense  scrutiny while the mysterious London Doctor continued

“We’re here to see Phillips’ amazing find, we won’t be here for too long!”

“Go on then” the guard said, to which Martha turned, jumped into the lower part of the dig and dashed over to the clock. Placing her hand upon it, she received an electric shock which threw her back.

“Careful Martha” the Doctor said as he caught up to his companion, who was now sat on the ground. He crouched down in front of the clock and pulled out his sonic screwdriver which was already glowing without him even pressing a button on it “That’s odd,” he said “it doesn’t usually do that unless…”

“Unless what?” Martha insisted, but the Doctor didn’t reply. Instead, he pressed the main switch of the screwdriver forward and allowed it to buzz for a few moments – then everything changed. As if by magic the clock began to tick, then from within it came a familiar sound – a noise he and so many others knew as the sign of a Time Lord’s presence.

“It can’t be” Martha looked desperately at the Doctor

Not believing in his own fear of what Phillips had found he reached out slowly for the golden knob on the front door of the clock. He pulled, and with a jerk it opened out; throwing the Doctor to the floor much like Martha beside him. Then, as the dust settled he could see inside, the sight he knew could not exist, and yet there it was; the mighty control room of a TARDIS.


Monday, 23 November 2009

Doctor Who – Scavenger Hunt


Part 1 – The Impossible Find

“Come on Doctor!" Martha shouted from the doors of the TARDIS, she received no reply

”Doctor!” still nothing “Doctor!!”

The Time Lord opened swept into the control room from some other random part of the TARDIS

”Could you shout any louder?” he asked sarcastically. Martha blushed a little and felt somewhat silly for being so over excited, still, she had asked so many times to go to the grand canyon. For the Doctor, this was the first time his new companion had asked for something so simple

“Are you sure you want to go here? It’s just a dried up river bed! I could take you to see the tunnels of Gorxious! Now that’s a bobsled ride you’d never forget. Or at least let me take you to when the grand canyon was full, it’s so…boring now!” he insisted

You would have thought almost crashing into a sun would have been enough excitement for a while – Martha though to herself. “Come on Doctor” she smiled and turned out through the doors


“Humans, I dunno”  he said, grabbing his coat

Outside, the Doctor jogged to catch up with his companion, who was power walking towards a settlement in the distance.

“If I wasn’t mistaken Martha Jones, I’d think you brought us here for a reason”

Martha didn’t look at him, she just replied “and why’s that?”

“Well I dunno… I was hoping noticing that would be enough for you to tell me!”doctor2

Martha turned to the Doctor and asked him what he saw here

“I…” he muttered “I see sand” he said, immediately admitting defeat to what Martha was obviously hoping he would find

“I was hoping you of all people would see it Doctor”

“See what?!” he insisted

“History” she said, and walked on. The Doctor, shocked and impressed, smiled and continued. As they neared the settlement ahead, Martha revealed more about why she wanted to visit on this exact date

“A few months before I met you I read a newspaper article about a dig in the grand canyon, they found something impossible, something nobody could believe”

The Doctor smiled again, “So you didn’t want something boring after all"” he grinned

“Never!” she chuckled

They arrived at the small group of tents and trailers a few minutes later, the wind blew dust around the site and the place was deserted.

“So much for the excitement,” Martha said “I wonder where everyone is!”

The door of a trailer to their left opened quickly and a short teenage lad fell out with his arms full of rolled up papers, blueprints and an assortment of other documents. He lost his footing and crashed to the ground; the papers following him. Martha and the Doctor rushed over and helped him up

“Thank you” he said in a slightly high American accent “who are you?”

“I’m Martha and this is the Doctor”

“Hello!” the alien traveler chirped

“Actually,” an older British voice grunted from behind them “I’M the doctor on this site”

The companions turned to see a short plump man with a bristly white mustache and pale clothes standing before them. He was no more than five feet in height but he made up for this in the grand-canyon-tonto-trail-arizona-az0073bluntness of his attitude and his volume.

“Jeffrey, you’re bloody useless!” he snorted

“Sorry sir!” the American pleaded as he scrambled all the different pieces of work back into a pile he could carry again. Then he shuffled past them, up a path and disappeared over a hill, Martha was curious as to where exactly he was shuffling off to.

“This dig site is protected by law, we’ll have nobody spying on our findings thank you very much!”

“And what exactly have you found?” the Doctor asked. The short man looked a little shocked, somewhat excited and then composed himself

“All in good time Doctor, all in good time” he smiled “soon you shall hear the story of the greatest find man has ever made.” The Doctor looked suspiciously at him “Now, if you don’t mind leaving, we have a lot to do.”

The two companions turned away and began to walk towards the TARDIS, now a blue dot in the distance. The Doctor turned to Martha and asked her straight “What did they find?”

“I think it would be better if you saw for yourself.” she told him. They walked a long way around the area and ended up on a hill that overlooked a large open area of the canyon. In the distance was a large tower of rock and a group of people surrounding the base. From within his jacket pocket, which the Doctor shook and fumbled with, he pulled out a pair of binoculars. Martha was shocked for a minute and then she realized;

“Bigger on the inside…”

Catching focus on the area, the Doctor scanned from left to right as he saw Jeffrey and Doctor Phillips arriving back at the dig site.

The pompous Brit pushed his way through the scientists and other experts at the site, insisting on seeing his prize “Move, move, let me see it!” they moved, and there before him stood the most impossible thing they could ever have discovered; a huge grandfather clock, sticking out of the orange dirt.


Sunday, 15 November 2009


Wow, so my last blog stirred up a lot of fuss! I didn’t realise so many people actually read my blog and I was so unaware how fast news travels. There are a few things I need to clear up before we get onto today’s blog. Firstly, I should have made far more exceptions to the people who got the shit thrown at them than just Jenna. Bexx is one of them, as is AJ and also Millie, Kay and Liz. The question about being expendable was more a rhetorical question to the people who don’t talk to me anymore, not those of you I still have contact with. Even so, I stick to some of the things I said, not many people do make an effort with me, it’s just fact. Also, I need to clear up that my plans to move to Exeter aren’t immediate – sorry for not making that very clear. I won’t be moving there until next June/July. I want to move there and start over, so when that time comes and there literally is no connection between us then prepare to see no more of me on your Facebook or MSN etc. No second chances, that’s the rule. I’ll be closing off the first 22 and a half years of my life and starting a brand new one with just a select few of you. So that’s the clarification of that over and done with, lets get on with THIS post!

Today I turn 22 and I can say that I am a free man.

Well, near enough. It’s been a year since I revealed my biggest secret to the world and a lot has changed, though the biggest part of it has to be the changes I’ve seen in the last 5 weeks. Things fell to an all time low from last week through to this Tuesday when I wrote my latest post – when I wrote that I was quite literally at my lowest, so I apologise for the generally negative tone about myself and everyone out there. I don’t know what happened but it all changed Wednesday, I wasn’t doing anything special, in fact I went into Hanley for the first time in over a week just to sign on. Strangely though, when I got into town I wasn’t anxious and I wasn’t thinking “all i want to do is go home” as I usually do. I wasn’t dizzy or spaced out in the shops, I was just normal. In fact, it got to the point where I was willing to throw away all of my safety nets (you might have seen me carrying that water round on chomping on mints previously) but I just felt like I didn’t need them anymore! It was an amazingly uplifting feeling, but in case that was just a momentary thing and my anxiety came back Thursday or Friday then I’d better go to my new fallback plan; Kalms tablets. I’d used them to stay calm at a gig before and I thought maybe they’d help in the future, especially with how much I’d been panicking recently. The women in Boots were so nice, they said things like “you’re too young to be stressed!” and when I said I didn’t need them today because I was feeling good they said “yeah you’re looking good” – being told that is such a great reinforcement, especially from a stranger. The rest of that day was a breeze, I didn’t actually want to leave town but I had no reason to stay after visiting Rowfers and Wilko’s so I headed back and had a relaxed afternoon. Following this, I went to Gobble – possibly the best Gobble I’ve ever been to. No the music wasn’t any less cheesy and the place wasn’t any less scummy, but I didn’t give into anxiety, my lost friend was avoiding me instead of the other way around and I stayed all the way to the end. It was bloody brilliant, a stranger even asked me to be her bf! Haha. Anyway, it is fair to say that Wednesday changed my life, and I’m so glad it did – it is proof to myself and to the world that after a year I held to my promise and I’m now getting past my issues – SCORE.

Today is my 22nd birthday and I want to thank you all for your birthday wishes and lovely comments, calls, texts, emails and wall posts. I ruined my 21st by being a fool and getting priorities wrong, along with putting my fear/anxiety ahead of stuff too. Today I’m going to rectify that! Catch you later kids :D

Reno x

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

And the rest, as they say…

…is history.

Fresh start, new design and a new vision for the future.

I’d like to say I have a clearer head than I have of late, but this isn’t true. Things are more confusing than ever and I really don’t know where I’m going anymore. Oh well.

I was going to start a new series of posts called Diary of a Free Man – based on my ongoing therapy and attempts to sort my head out but things aren’t going to plan as much as I hoped and therefore it wouldn’t be a good place to go to if you wanted news on me. I actually hate my life now. I really don’t have many people left in my life that I trust or really hold high anymore. They’re either gone or aren’t who I thought they were. Just as emetophobia stops me seeing possibilities for my future, my disgust for who people are stops me seeing any real meaningful connection with those people. So yeah, things are falling apart on both fronts; I need people to help me get through my issues but I don’t have anyone who means anything to me anymore and I don’t mean anything to anyone anymore either.

If you’re a friend of mine, really think about this, when was the last time you struck up a conversation with me? When did you really make the effort just to talk? Then think about the amount of times I’ve made conversation with you, or sent you a text asking to hang out or just seeing how you are. No effort, no respect, no care – not from any of you. In fact the only person who ever really bothers with me on that front is Jenna, and I love her for having that resilience and care. I really can’t think of anyone else who makes a real effort with me anymore and it’s a question I ask myself every day; why am I so expendable? What makes me so easy for you to turn your back on, and why am I so easy to leave behind without a second look? You tell me, because enough people have done it to me this year.

This is why I’m moving away from here. I can’t hang around this place full of bad memories and lifeless connections with whoever else is left here. It’s pathetic that I even decided to stay here and tried to keep something real going when there really is nothing left for me.

Next stop Exeter.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Better off without you

This week I’ve learnt a lot about betrayal, lies and the worth of my friendship to some people. This year I’ve had a lot of people turn their backs on me for no reason, but I didn’t expect you’d be one of them. This year I made a blanket rule – no second chances, and even when I made an exception for you, you still managed to walk all over it. Here’s a message to everyone who knows me, play nice or fuck off. I’ve had enough of people lying and taking advantage of me – using me for their own pathetic problems and then leaving me behind, well fuck you. You’re not even worth these words, but at least this’ll give an outset to everyone in the future; take advantage and don’t expect a reprieve. I can’t fucking believe you.

Here’s a beautiful song that points out exactly how I feel. Pay attention.


On top of this, I would like to make public how much I miss Matt Chan, Phil George, Mike Eaton and Paul Knowland. I love you guys and I miss how great shit used to be,