Monday, 23 November 2009

Doctor Who – Scavenger Hunt


Part 1 – The Impossible Find

“Come on Doctor!" Martha shouted from the doors of the TARDIS, she received no reply

”Doctor!” still nothing “Doctor!!”

The Time Lord opened swept into the control room from some other random part of the TARDIS

”Could you shout any louder?” he asked sarcastically. Martha blushed a little and felt somewhat silly for being so over excited, still, she had asked so many times to go to the grand canyon. For the Doctor, this was the first time his new companion had asked for something so simple

“Are you sure you want to go here? It’s just a dried up river bed! I could take you to see the tunnels of Gorxious! Now that’s a bobsled ride you’d never forget. Or at least let me take you to when the grand canyon was full, it’s so…boring now!” he insisted

You would have thought almost crashing into a sun would have been enough excitement for a while – Martha though to herself. “Come on Doctor” she smiled and turned out through the doors


“Humans, I dunno”  he said, grabbing his coat

Outside, the Doctor jogged to catch up with his companion, who was power walking towards a settlement in the distance.

“If I wasn’t mistaken Martha Jones, I’d think you brought us here for a reason”

Martha didn’t look at him, she just replied “and why’s that?”

“Well I dunno… I was hoping noticing that would be enough for you to tell me!”doctor2

Martha turned to the Doctor and asked him what he saw here

“I…” he muttered “I see sand” he said, immediately admitting defeat to what Martha was obviously hoping he would find

“I was hoping you of all people would see it Doctor”

“See what?!” he insisted

“History” she said, and walked on. The Doctor, shocked and impressed, smiled and continued. As they neared the settlement ahead, Martha revealed more about why she wanted to visit on this exact date

“A few months before I met you I read a newspaper article about a dig in the grand canyon, they found something impossible, something nobody could believe”

The Doctor smiled again, “So you didn’t want something boring after all"” he grinned

“Never!” she chuckled

They arrived at the small group of tents and trailers a few minutes later, the wind blew dust around the site and the place was deserted.

“So much for the excitement,” Martha said “I wonder where everyone is!”

The door of a trailer to their left opened quickly and a short teenage lad fell out with his arms full of rolled up papers, blueprints and an assortment of other documents. He lost his footing and crashed to the ground; the papers following him. Martha and the Doctor rushed over and helped him up

“Thank you” he said in a slightly high American accent “who are you?”

“I’m Martha and this is the Doctor”

“Hello!” the alien traveler chirped

“Actually,” an older British voice grunted from behind them “I’M the doctor on this site”

The companions turned to see a short plump man with a bristly white mustache and pale clothes standing before them. He was no more than five feet in height but he made up for this in the grand-canyon-tonto-trail-arizona-az0073bluntness of his attitude and his volume.

“Jeffrey, you’re bloody useless!” he snorted

“Sorry sir!” the American pleaded as he scrambled all the different pieces of work back into a pile he could carry again. Then he shuffled past them, up a path and disappeared over a hill, Martha was curious as to where exactly he was shuffling off to.

“This dig site is protected by law, we’ll have nobody spying on our findings thank you very much!”

“And what exactly have you found?” the Doctor asked. The short man looked a little shocked, somewhat excited and then composed himself

“All in good time Doctor, all in good time” he smiled “soon you shall hear the story of the greatest find man has ever made.” The Doctor looked suspiciously at him “Now, if you don’t mind leaving, we have a lot to do.”

The two companions turned away and began to walk towards the TARDIS, now a blue dot in the distance. The Doctor turned to Martha and asked her straight “What did they find?”

“I think it would be better if you saw for yourself.” she told him. They walked a long way around the area and ended up on a hill that overlooked a large open area of the canyon. In the distance was a large tower of rock and a group of people surrounding the base. From within his jacket pocket, which the Doctor shook and fumbled with, he pulled out a pair of binoculars. Martha was shocked for a minute and then she realized;

“Bigger on the inside…”

Catching focus on the area, the Doctor scanned from left to right as he saw Jeffrey and Doctor Phillips arriving back at the dig site.

The pompous Brit pushed his way through the scientists and other experts at the site, insisting on seeing his prize “Move, move, let me see it!” they moved, and there before him stood the most impossible thing they could ever have discovered; a huge grandfather clock, sticking out of the orange dirt.


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