Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Well look who it is

It's you! Silly.

Oh my goodness, yesterday was a ridiculously busy day, including the purchase of my 21st birthday present - YAMAHA DTXPLORER ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT :D

Dad came over after work to go buy the kit

Then we had some tea and he went onto his next location, so Mike and I got down to work setting up the kit and it was ready in no time!

Then it was time to get down tot eh ceremonial first play!

Then Katie came over, and I taught her and matt some beats. Also, matt brought his guitar and we jammed together!

Matt tried to serenade me!

And I got a bit of a head erection

THEN (god this is going on for ages) me and Katie did our planned cake bake day deal of yums!

and all our cakies came out yummy :D


Best thing ever, ITV catch up website, infinate (actually about 20) episodes of Jeremy Kyle to watch whenever, what a winning idea! Writing about it in my dissertation. Speaking of which, better get back to it!!

Reno :)

Monday, 27 October 2008

Stuff in places

Today was really cool, Bexox and Page came over, it was fuckin amazing to see those guys again!!

Here's a nice pic of me and Page, reunited after over a year :D

Just saw an advert on E4 for pregnancy tests that are buy-one-get-one-free in Boots. Now it hit me that this isn't a good idea, coz it suggests you might need 2, because the first one wont be good enough to tell you that you're up the duff. Why else would you need two pregnancy tests?! Teenage mothers having a piss on a stick party? Or is it to stock up for the next time your body doesnt leak fluids like it should do? Sorry lol.

Saw this video yesterday and it put the biggest smile on my face! Cant wait to have my own house and a few pet ducks :D

Also, what's the deal with the people who bought mums house in Bewdley selling it?!?

Check it out, someone buy it for me? :P

More junk tomoro :)

My Zimbio

Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Test Tube Project

So I had a brainwave a minute ago, I'm going to start a cool new project as a part of my online media junk. It's called The Test Tube Project and here's how it works;

There's loads of places in the world I've wanted to visit but the money and time just aren't on my side. So instead of going to these places, I'm going to bring them to me! "HOW?" I hear you cry! Well it's pretty simple, I'm going to buy a load of glass test tubes off ebay and get them shipped to me. Then, when they arrive, I'll send individual test tubes out across the world to anyone who'll be a part of the project (will be included in my vlogs) and then it's their job to fill the test tubes with a natural object from their part of the world (like earth, grass, leaves, sand or water) and send it back to me! If they want, they can start their own arm of the project and I'll be happy to ship a test tube of Stoke stuff to them! If you want, you could even have two or three test tubes if you can think of lots of things to send me! Stuff thats more out-of-the-ordinary (like bird feathers) is still welcomed, anything you think represents your home.

Remember, shipping it back to me will cost you a few bucks, which I can reimburse is needsbe, but the charity side of it is part of the love for the project lol. Would love to hear from you if you're interested, drop me a comment here or send your emails to


Saturday, 25 October 2008


Got a new camera, and I've been using it loads to take pics of random crap for the last few days, and what a delight it's been!

The day I got the camera, I went a bit mad, here's a few pics i took!

The reason i purchased my new camera was because I went to Feeder (and fightstar) and loads of the pics came out shit coz of how bollocks my compact camera was! So I took it upon myself to buy my new camera, but anyway, here's some of the shit pics I took :)

Sorted out my drumkit deal for my Birthday thanks to a certainw ebsite beating the Hanley store's price, and now Ive got an awesome deal coming my way :D Pics of that coming soon!

Oh, and look what was dumped outside our front door today...

We're half way to a doorstep baby...

Saturday, 18 October 2008


Atm i'm on an emotional rollercoaster, and it sucks. I don't know whether I'm coming or going, and its a joke half the time because my mind is a hypocrit and I constantly contradict myself on everything I think and feel - I hate it.

I'm not going to go into detail because it'll be way too personal and it'll make me look like a fucking jerk, so I'm going to leave it at this - I'm cutting myself out of certain things for a while and I'm going to back off and focus on my education and a few certain people who mean the most to me, including the reconnection of friendships with certain ones.

Another thing, I miss a lot of people right now; I feel very distant from parts of my past that I dont want to let go of - mainly Bexox and Lito. I'm scared that this never ending loving connection that me and lito have is starting to fade, not seeing her for such a long time (along with us both changing so much recently) has made me realise that soon enough neither of us are going to be the people we used to be or had that connection with - it's one of my biggest fears right now. As for Bex, I dunno, I think about her a lot and I'm not sure why. I mean I love her to bits and I always think about her, as I do with most of my mates from home, but its different atm. I think its a part of the phase I'm in atm where I'm craving attention. It's stupid coz I always used to have attention from girls, its always been that way for years, and I loved it being there - like an insurance policy that says there's always a girl interested in me if I wanted someone to be there for me, bit of an ego boost I guess and thats arrogant and selfish and makes me look like a fucker but that's the way it is. Anyway, that insurance isn't there anymore and I'm lost without it, shares in Reno have gone down the tubes (not literally lol) and nobody seems to give much of a shit. The stupid stupid STUPID thing is I'm not even looking for a relationship atm, I just want someone to show some interest so I know I'm not a lost cause or something. I don't even know, like i said; rollercoaster.

On an upside to today, I went into town with Pixie for a bit and I got the new BMTH album 'Suicide Season' and tbh it fucking rocks. Here's what it looks like:

I've always supported the band and never downloaded their stuff (except one track from their first EP before i bought it) and I decided to support them instead of using a torrent - and I didnt regret it. Stay tuned for a full review soon :)

Anyway, go subscribe to my video channel on youtube, it'll make me happy, link below.
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Friday, 17 October 2008

Rapture is kinda fun

well I say kinda, i mean REALLY
and I made this

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Shopping and Chilling

Took a while but today finally came, a combination of two days ive been waiting to arrive for quite some time!

Firstly came mine and Katie's shopping day that we've been waiting for since about 2 weeks ago - afternoon in Hanley exploring the shops and stuff - win! First though, I had to get my arse to a lecture that was completely pointless. We had a lecture for the module "Researching Regional Media Employment" about how to get your script to producers and production companies...if you're a writer...which I am, but a different sort! Speaking of which, the Novel will have a new installment soon, I decided I might have a cool section where you only follow one character through their battle in book 1, there will be 4 seperate character chapters to follow - then you finish the chapter and skip forward to the rest of the story - this makes the story more exciting and personal for the reader. Thoughts?

(That's the Ashley building - I was in the film theatre, close enough)

ANYWAY! Back to the subject, the lecture was slow and boring, and I was only there to fill the seat. I was waiting for it to end for the entire time I was there, I was so tired! I got back home and texted Katie, she was finished too and ready to go to Hanley, bu I wanted a nap for half an hour...I ended up sleeping for 2 and a half hours, oops!

Anyway we went to Hanley, weather wasn't bad, and I got quite a few things I wanted but some others couldnt be found. I ended up buying:

2 new sweat bands
2 new jackets (cheap one from primark for every day and an expensive one from TK Maxx)
and A new laundry hamper (what's so funny about the word hamper?)

I wanted so many other things but I'm sure I'll find it all over the next few weeks :) We got back and I looked at some pics Katie got printed, she went home and left them here by accident - what a silly Katieface :P

Then Emma aka "Pixie" came round, I wasnt expecting her for long, but she ended up staying for 6 hours haha! We watched friends, then Cliffhanger (what a movie!) and then I had dinner and we watched some Simpsons! It was a really really cool night to hang out with a new mate, and we've got heaps in common, we're gunna go to the park tomoro!

Yesterday I saw a report on the news about a kebab house in Wolverhampton that was still open and the owner was preparing kebabs while there was a dead body on a couch in the same room - wtf?! Who the fuck is that dilluded to think that's a good idea?! Read more about it here.

Done :)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

It's all downhill from here...

It's funny, after reading Ricky and Karl's blogs, I realised that this sort of thing should be much more regular than me writing something a little funny every once in a while. So from now on I'm gunna try and write a post every night on the general bollocks that happens in my life! WOW FUN!

So what happened today? Absolutely nothing. Nah that's not true, went to my lecture and we watched a video about lesbians...well kind of. It was that BBC drama Tipping The Velvet from a few years back, Stephen (our teacher) asked if we'd seen it before - I replied with "only certain parts", everyone found that funny.

A lot of people were bombarding me with questions as soon as I got into the classroom about my blog and about my novel. Well on the front of my novel, its all a bit crazy at uni right now with so many projects on, but I promise there'll be a proper update soon.

The BBC weather is on, that woman is stupidly pregnant now, get her off the screen please - I want to know about the upcoming weather developments, not the development of your womb, CHEERS! :D

This weekend I was at my Mum's house near Kettering (if you dont know where that is, it's nearish Northampton). It was a really good experience to get away and have some time alone in the green countryside, but for some reason whenever I go there I seem to get ill; and this weekend wasn't an exception. The tummy aches still haven't gone away and I'm back in Stoke! But it's not so bad now :)

So after seeing how low the listeners of Rapture has gotten, it's time to start the new Fame Objective! I really want to start getting big followers to everything I do, it's a bit of a whim really as I don't know how good my stuff is, but I have a lot to offer - Radio show, blog and...what was the other thing? The novel rubbish probs. Either way, I want all the angles of what I'm doing that comes under a group of media involvement called "Reno Explains it All" - note the name of my blog :P So if you can help out, please feel free. Search for 'The Rapture Session' and become a fan on the fan page and join the group. Also make sure you tune into my show this week, it's our SALUTE TO VIDEO GAMES - i'll be talking about the best video games of all time (in my opinion) and asking for your favourites! Tune in at on THURSDAY at 9pm (UK Time - American dudes check your time differences!)

One last thing to add, can ANYONE be a movie director these days? I mean, I know Madonna has done a few movies (one of which - Evita - I love) but does this give her the credability to be a movie director? To me, something says no... especially with unitard thing she wore all last year *heaves*

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Okay, now I'm mad!

So it's just officially happened - just seen the first (non-holiday based) CHRISTMAS advert. Granted, a few days ago I saw the one for Disneyland a few days ago but that's more excusable as you need time to plan holidays, especially at christmas, so that doesn't count.

So who was it that broke the cling film cover on the frozen christmas left in the tuppawear tub at the back of the freezer faaaaaaar too early? Who else but

Think sofas, think FUCK OFF.
May I remind the money grabbing, never-endng-sale-marathon creating cunts at DFS that it is the THIRTEENTH OF OCTOBER - there's almost 2 and a half months until Christmas day, and so to suggest that you can deliver a couch before such date would be pretty much expected at this point - if you couldn't achieve that then you'd be pretty shit, right?

The funniest thing about the advert was that all the trees in the background of the advert (through the windows of the happy new couch owner's homes) were all fully green and it was sunny - YES, VERY CHRISTMASSY!

I fear that now these adverts have started, DFS will continue their barrage of Xmas ads all the way up to the date, and by then the whole idea of Christmas will already have the fun sucked out of it. I'll be complaining if this happens.

Let's make it clear - it isnt Christmas until Coca Cola unleash 'The Trucks' back onto our TVs, okay? Until that day happens (which will be atleast late November) keep your crappy fake xmas advertising ploys off my screen and out of my life!


Reno :)

(PS - Leosta part 2 coming soon :) I promise!)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Leosta - Part 1: The Basics

Ever since my Mac packed it in last summer I've felt lost without it, and it really sucks coz as they say "once mac, never go back", and unfortunately I've been made to go back. As a compromise, I decided to buy a new laptop this year with my student loan - fully equipt with Windows Vista.

Now, since I saw the launch screenshots of Vista I was convinced that it was a total Mac rip off and that I would never touch it. I still remain convinced that Vista is a poor mans OS-X, but I used that to my advantage! Use the cheapness of a higher end Vista laptop and use freeware off the net to give your vista machine an operating-system-sex-change from basic Vista into the ease and beauty of a Mac while remaining that Windows functionality and compatability etc.

So the first thing I did was to download ROCKET DOCK. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen for a PC - a fully customisable dock that you can take beyond what you can do with even the latest version of OS-X (Leopard). After the dock has been installed you can choose from loads of skins that are already built in, but you can also download more from the Rocket Dock website and other third party locations. I got one that is identical to the one that can be found on Leopard and then I added my programs, folders, recycle bin and then finally I added several items under a special feature that comes with Rocket Dock known as "docklets". This is a special addition that you can download and add onto the dock which performs certain tasks such as a battery meter or a shutdown button (both of which you can see on the far right of my dock below). Then I downloaded new icons from the Rocket Dock website (of which there are hundreds) and fully customised my programs to make it way more personal and unique than something you'd find on a basic OS-X dock (though I admitedly downloaded 200 Mac icons to dip to and from on my dock :P) Here's the final version:

(See full size image here)

Check out the cool desktop wallpaper I made on photoshop too, how cool?

You'll also notice that I've added a new theme to vista so that the taskbar is white and I moved it to the top to follow the mac style. You'll notice that it's still got a windows start button though, let's not go overboard :P

This new mac theme I downloaded also changes the general windows that open in the system, check this one out below (note the coloured mac buttons in the corner!)

(See full size image here)

So that's the basic moderations for the mac theme, move on to part 2 for the more impressive technical stuff!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Major craziness, I've let it all slip recently and I haven't made a blog or vlog post in over a month (in the case of vlog, 2 months!)

Wowzers. So what's going on? Well everyone's back in Stoke for the final year and the final push towards the "I've got a degree! what do i do with it?" stage :)
It's great to have everyone back, we've already had some great nights out and a few dramas too - but that wouldn't be life if it all went smoothly now would it?!

I spoke to Mum earlier and we were talking about gifts for my 21st birthday (which is on the 15th of next month for your callendar ;) hehe) and both my main gift ideas she has turned me down on! Can't believe it!! Firstly I asked for Guitar Hero 4 and she said straight down no, and then I asked for money to go into my savings and she said no to that aswell! I also presented the idea of a new drumkit for my room but that didn't go down well either, so if you guys have any ideas on what to ask for, please feel free to tell me (email

As for the rest of it, well what can I say? Lectures are alright, learning nice stuff, switched to Dissertation from Film/TV drama project and I've already got ideas for my Photography: Environments project (hint: abandoned warehouses...that was less of a hint and more of a "it is..." ....woops!)

Anyway! Rapture is back on too, we've had 3 shows already, each running a full 2 hours long and they've been awesome :D If you fancy yourself co-hosting a show with me then send an email to the above address with "Rapture Application" as the title and a little info about you, your music interests and what you can bring to the show!!

Sweet, catch you all soon, Reno :)