Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Test Tube Project

So I had a brainwave a minute ago, I'm going to start a cool new project as a part of my online media junk. It's called The Test Tube Project and here's how it works;

There's loads of places in the world I've wanted to visit but the money and time just aren't on my side. So instead of going to these places, I'm going to bring them to me! "HOW?" I hear you cry! Well it's pretty simple, I'm going to buy a load of glass test tubes off ebay and get them shipped to me. Then, when they arrive, I'll send individual test tubes out across the world to anyone who'll be a part of the project (will be included in my vlogs) and then it's their job to fill the test tubes with a natural object from their part of the world (like earth, grass, leaves, sand or water) and send it back to me! If they want, they can start their own arm of the project and I'll be happy to ship a test tube of Stoke stuff to them! If you want, you could even have two or three test tubes if you can think of lots of things to send me! Stuff thats more out-of-the-ordinary (like bird feathers) is still welcomed, anything you think represents your home.

Remember, shipping it back to me will cost you a few bucks, which I can reimburse is needsbe, but the charity side of it is part of the love for the project lol. Would love to hear from you if you're interested, drop me a comment here or send your emails to


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