Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Shopping and Chilling

Took a while but today finally came, a combination of two days ive been waiting to arrive for quite some time!

Firstly came mine and Katie's shopping day that we've been waiting for since about 2 weeks ago - afternoon in Hanley exploring the shops and stuff - win! First though, I had to get my arse to a lecture that was completely pointless. We had a lecture for the module "Researching Regional Media Employment" about how to get your script to producers and production companies...if you're a writer...which I am, but a different sort! Speaking of which, the Novel will have a new installment soon, I decided I might have a cool section where you only follow one character through their battle in book 1, there will be 4 seperate character chapters to follow - then you finish the chapter and skip forward to the rest of the story - this makes the story more exciting and personal for the reader. Thoughts?

(That's the Ashley building - I was in the film theatre, close enough)

ANYWAY! Back to the subject, the lecture was slow and boring, and I was only there to fill the seat. I was waiting for it to end for the entire time I was there, I was so tired! I got back home and texted Katie, she was finished too and ready to go to Hanley, bu I wanted a nap for half an hour...I ended up sleeping for 2 and a half hours, oops!

Anyway we went to Hanley, weather wasn't bad, and I got quite a few things I wanted but some others couldnt be found. I ended up buying:

2 new sweat bands
2 new jackets (cheap one from primark for every day and an expensive one from TK Maxx)
and A new laundry hamper (what's so funny about the word hamper?)

I wanted so many other things but I'm sure I'll find it all over the next few weeks :) We got back and I looked at some pics Katie got printed, she went home and left them here by accident - what a silly Katieface :P

Then Emma aka "Pixie" came round, I wasnt expecting her for long, but she ended up staying for 6 hours haha! We watched friends, then Cliffhanger (what a movie!) and then I had dinner and we watched some Simpsons! It was a really really cool night to hang out with a new mate, and we've got heaps in common, we're gunna go to the park tomoro!

Yesterday I saw a report on the news about a kebab house in Wolverhampton that was still open and the owner was preparing kebabs while there was a dead body on a couch in the same room - wtf?! Who the fuck is that dilluded to think that's a good idea?! Read more about it here.

Done :)

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