Saturday, 25 October 2008


Got a new camera, and I've been using it loads to take pics of random crap for the last few days, and what a delight it's been!

The day I got the camera, I went a bit mad, here's a few pics i took!

The reason i purchased my new camera was because I went to Feeder (and fightstar) and loads of the pics came out shit coz of how bollocks my compact camera was! So I took it upon myself to buy my new camera, but anyway, here's some of the shit pics I took :)

Sorted out my drumkit deal for my Birthday thanks to a certainw ebsite beating the Hanley store's price, and now Ive got an awesome deal coming my way :D Pics of that coming soon!

Oh, and look what was dumped outside our front door today...

We're half way to a doorstep baby...

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