Sunday, 12 October 2008

Okay, now I'm mad!

So it's just officially happened - just seen the first (non-holiday based) CHRISTMAS advert. Granted, a few days ago I saw the one for Disneyland a few days ago but that's more excusable as you need time to plan holidays, especially at christmas, so that doesn't count.

So who was it that broke the cling film cover on the frozen christmas left in the tuppawear tub at the back of the freezer faaaaaaar too early? Who else but

Think sofas, think FUCK OFF.
May I remind the money grabbing, never-endng-sale-marathon creating cunts at DFS that it is the THIRTEENTH OF OCTOBER - there's almost 2 and a half months until Christmas day, and so to suggest that you can deliver a couch before such date would be pretty much expected at this point - if you couldn't achieve that then you'd be pretty shit, right?

The funniest thing about the advert was that all the trees in the background of the advert (through the windows of the happy new couch owner's homes) were all fully green and it was sunny - YES, VERY CHRISTMASSY!

I fear that now these adverts have started, DFS will continue their barrage of Xmas ads all the way up to the date, and by then the whole idea of Christmas will already have the fun sucked out of it. I'll be complaining if this happens.

Let's make it clear - it isnt Christmas until Coca Cola unleash 'The Trucks' back onto our TVs, okay? Until that day happens (which will be atleast late November) keep your crappy fake xmas advertising ploys off my screen and out of my life!


Reno :)

(PS - Leosta part 2 coming soon :) I promise!)

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