Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Well look who it is

It's you! Silly.

Oh my goodness, yesterday was a ridiculously busy day, including the purchase of my 21st birthday present - YAMAHA DTXPLORER ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT :D

Dad came over after work to go buy the kit

Then we had some tea and he went onto his next location, so Mike and I got down to work setting up the kit and it was ready in no time!

Then it was time to get down tot eh ceremonial first play!

Then Katie came over, and I taught her and matt some beats. Also, matt brought his guitar and we jammed together!

Matt tried to serenade me!

And I got a bit of a head erection

THEN (god this is going on for ages) me and Katie did our planned cake bake day deal of yums!

and all our cakies came out yummy :D


Best thing ever, ITV catch up website, infinate (actually about 20) episodes of Jeremy Kyle to watch whenever, what a winning idea! Writing about it in my dissertation. Speaking of which, better get back to it!!

Reno :)

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