Friday, 27 March 2009

Truth movement continues to enthral

Lots of videos and stuff being watched recently. First one you guys should check out is the investigation documentary called “Zero”, here’s a link to the first (of ten) parts, -  you can see the next part in the list on the right, and the following videos are always in the same place. It’s long, but interesting and worth it. As always with a movie of this kind I’d suggest viewer discretion and I wouldn’t expect to take everything at face value or see everything as relevant, but as always my argument is that if you watch said film and have just ONE unanswered question left over and the 9/11 commission doesn’t answer it, then the Government has been negligent (in the least) to explain what happened on that day. That’s what really drives me with the truth movement stuff. DSCN0862Anyway, back to Zero, Chooch and I watched it for the first time last night.  She hadn’t seen a proper Truth-movement film in ages, so it was interesting to see her reactions. Think I’ll make a ‘truther’ of her yet!! So check that documentary/investigation thing out if you get a chance. Harry will dismiss it (and this post) from the start, but I don’t care, because he’s not the only reader lol.

I thought I’d post another video on here (that is thankfully just one part) that raises some interesting questions. Everyone has heard the “controlled demolition” theories, and if I’m honest I have slowly begun to doubt them in part, but every time I watch the video footage it collapsing and examine the official explanation, something doesn’t add up still, which is nicely rounded up (in part) with the following video…

A lot of people, when I tell them about the Truth movement, often say things like “Why the hell would the Government attack their own people!? It makes no sense!” But if you look into it though, it makes a lot of sense. False flag terror, as it is known, has been a recurring theme throughout America’s history to start involvement in conflicts and countries that would otherwise have no baring for them and have no public support. Support is raised when it directly affects the people who need to be behind the action, as Rebuilding America’s Defences (written by Cheney and Rumsfeld, among others) stated in 2000, a “catastrophic and catalysing event…like a new pearl harbour” would be needed to raise support for new presence of American forces in the middle east. Guess what, one year later an attack happened and America is now in the middle east. I guess the answer of “why” still hasn’t been answered, in my opinion it is part of a larger scheme beyond the natural “omg they want oil!” thoughts – it’s more about policing the world, fear, oppression and of course the aforementioned material gain. A friend of mine, who is an opposer of the truth movement, said that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the US Government more than it has gained, so the theory doesn’t make sense. But of course it does, did Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld fund the government? Or fund the military? Not unless they could raise a trillion dollars. No, they did not fund the war, so it is of no personal loss to them – they will live out their lies in the safe financial security of Government pensions, paid for by the taxpayer – the same people who funded (and continue to fund) their illegal wars.

Speaking of illegal wars, which Iraq definitely was, why were the American and British Governments not held accountable for war crimes after they openly admitted that there were no weapons of mass destruction? After all, the invasion in 2003 was not allowed by international UN law and was under veto by several countries. Okay, if the co-illusion had gone in and found those weapons, then fine – the inspectors were wrong and the war was ‘excusable’ (if the killing of 600,000 Muslims can ever be excused?) but the fact that they weren’t there proved that the war was illegal and therefore the UN should prosecute those responsible, or intelligence agencies should be held responsible at the least. I’m not going to pretend Saddam was a nice man in any way shape or form, but he (like Bin Laden or should I say Tom Osman as he was known by his friends in the CIA) is a figurehead for the fear campaign taken up by the Western Media and governments. “The campaign of fear and consumption” as Maralyn Manson so rightly put it (here Stay afraid and don’t ask questions, if you ask questions then you’re not patriotic. I love America, it’s a beautiful and amazing place, I see myself as a distant patriot for what the American dream stands for, and as an outsider I’m not bashed from left and right by American media publications, so I like to think that I have a nice standpoint looking in on the situation. How ironic that the bill that takes away American civil liberties is named The Patriot Act – suggesting that to be patriotic you have to submit to the Government’s invasion of your privacy.


Sorry for writing so long, but I’m very passionate about this subject, and it’s helping me for my dissertation writing style – speaking of which, I’m now at 7,154 words down (out of a minimum target of 9,000) and I’ve got over a thousand words in appendices too! Looking good brothers and sisters.


Okay, before I go, listen to this song, it’s awesome (would you expect anything less from my music taste?)



Reno x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I was just on Facebook…I mean Myspace

Okay so I’ve been a Myspace boy since the early days, when it was cool, when it was for the popular emo kids to play around and desperately seek photo comments. I’ve seen it develop, and similarly I jumped on the facebook wagon early too – though I always preferred Myspace until recently. The thing that has put me off about Myspace is their inability to look for new things that sets them apart from the other social network sites, such as their number 1 rival Facebook. Instead, they have copied pretty much everything Facebook has done recently;

* Unlimited pictures

* Photo albums

* Applications

* Modules

* Status/mood

and now the biggest rip off of them all!!


For a long time now, Facebook has supported its chat service at the bottom of its pages, which has had a mixed reaction.

Either way, it is a normal part of that is the Facebook way of life. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the chatbar is like  mini msn messenger – click the “online friends” button, click a friend and the chat box opens on the bar, as seen above.

I just went on Myspace and it appears that the chat bar has been completely mimicked. I don’t mean something similar, i mean it’s identical!!

Check it out, here’s my Facebook homepage (note the grey chat bar as seen above)



Bigger version…



Notice any similarities to this…?


Yeah, me neither….*rolls eyes*

And all this just days after Facebook ripped off the ever-popular Twitter with their new status-centralised page layout.

Will copying ever end with these companies? Should we even be bothered? They’re all free, after all. Comments are very much welcome.


Oh, PS, here’s today’s song!! This is my funeral song, so keep that in mind in case I forget to write it down :P


28 days to go!


Sunday, 22 March 2009

33 Days

That’s right kids, 33 days left to go until this journey of University is over for me. On the 23rd of April my final hand-in will fall upon the desk of the top floor of Flaxman and it will all be over, it’s early I know but nothing I can do about that!! Dissertation is moving on swiftly, loads more to do though so I better get on with it. However, from now until the 23rd I will bring you an excellent song every day. So, upon this momentus day of 33-to-go, I bring you this, the lyrics are key (as per usual) so pay attention!!





Friday, 13 March 2009

Lost comrade.

So yesterday I woke up with 2 missed calls from college friend AJ and numerous msn alerts from Chris Key asking me to text him as soon as I read said messages. So I did, thinking that AJ had turned up in Stoke as a surprise or something. Chris called me back a few minutes later and reluctantly told me that the news was the complete opposite of anything I could possibly hope or even expect.

AJ, Chris and myself were all a part of The Media Massive 2006 – our graduating crew of media students at Worcester Tech. Among this crew were a few others, including our friend Kris Weaving. On the phone, Chris told me that he had passed away earlier in the morning. At first, it didn’t hit me, it was strange to even think of it – someone I knew so well passing away without even knowing he was unwell to start with. The call was brief and I immediately called AJ who knew more on the situation. He explained what had happened in a bit better detail, though I’m still a bit unclear on the full events, I’m sure a lot of people are.

It’s not my place to broadcast what happened over the net, so I’ll leave it at that, but I wanted to take a few moments to remember who Kris was to me and the rest of the Media Massive.


Kris Weaving

Kris Weaving was a legend. No doubt. A great friend, quiet but heard, reserved but funny. He loved comic books and all kinds of fantasy stuff, all of his movies in college were based on fantasy themes, giving him his ‘edge’ as an individual movie maker in the class. We all had our own thing that made us different in our own special way, this was Kris’. He was always there if you needed him, he always listened to you and gave good advice, he was also reliable and always wanted to help if you needed someone to take a part in a production. My best film production in college was The Funeral of Hearts – a romantic love story about 2 best friends and a female they both want. Kris played the part of Theo in the movie and was so good for the part, he was easy to direct and just pulled it off flawlessly. I really appreciated his input, without him the movie wouldn’t have been half as good. He also appeared in many other films made by the rest of the crew, including Sarah’s gangster movie “This Time Imperfect” where he played the leader of our gang. And this is where Kris’ credit should really be noted, because that’s what he was. If you knew our group and saw how it was motivated, how we interacted, Kris lead us quietly from the background and he had interlinking connections with every one of us, and for that reason we all have great memories of the time we spent with him.

Our own Romeo and Juliet


Kris and Naomi got together in first year of college, it was obvious from day one that they were meant to be together. During the rest of the 2 year course we watched them fall in love, they very much became the Romeo and Juliet of our course, our crew, our circle. They were cute together and we all knew that despite uni coming up and all the hectic changes, they’d still be together, turns out we were right. It shows the power of love, what that kind of connection can really do, what it inspires and how much people will do to hold on to such a connection. They were a strong couple, and as I said before, we knew they were meant to be together. Personally, I thought they’d be married before long, a life together, and I don’t doubt they both thought the same thing too. It's important for all of us to be there for Nai and Kris' family now, so if they need anyone I hope they know they can count on me, along with AJ and many others.


You know, it’s strange, I always used to write about love and death in my old Emo stories, songs, poems and scripts, but now something like this has really happened the difference between fiction and reality is very stark, and I feel rather stupid for playing with such subjects when I had no idea what it would really be like when something like this really happens. For that, I apologise to Naomi, Kris and his family too, I almost feel disrespectful by making them in the past – that probably sounds stupid.


It’s hard to write something like this, because in all honesty it still doesn’t seem quite real. Kris really was one of the coolest and friendliest people I’ve ever met and I know he’ll be missed so much by many, many, many people. His work is inspiring. His personality made people happy. His kindness touched many of us. He was a fantastic friend and I prey that he is happy and comfortable wherever he is now, living out every dream he ever had. Wait for us man, the Media Massive will all be together again one day, and I look forward to seeing you then.

Rest in peace brother

Reno x

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…



Renox (said Rhen-nocks)



What’s in a name? Well, what a deep question to raise Reno, but to be honest I can’t be fucked to get into it, because I’m far too lazy. However, I will say that if you want a special name for me, feel free to apply one – I like cute little things that make me individual to different person in my life. The name Wrex (said Rex) isn’t really a mainstream one, I just wanted Nicola to feel special by mentioning it. There are other personal names I’ve had in the past – mainly from girlfriends but not always. For example, Lito used to call me ‘Spider Monkey’ lol. Anyway yeah, there’s a self obsessed post in itself, so I better counter it with something not so ‘about me’.




How about

There, much better!


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Whut I dun realised today!

I realised why things are different for me now. Why I’m happier, why I’m more productive, why things always seem brighter and why I always wake up with a smile on my face.

The reason why everything is so different to how it was a few months ago is because nothing is different. Nothing has changed. Not much anyway. The point isnt about trying to achieve a new frame of mind or struggle to meet a new place in my life, it’s about acceptance. I’ve gone beyond being content with my situation and now I’m actually pretty damn happy in it. I answer to nobody and I’m stronger by not relying on anyone else for answers to my daily questions – I seek them out myself, and I’m so much stronger for it. What seemed like the end of the world at one point now seems like the one thing I needed most.

DSCN0769  And so I continue along the path to graduation, the end of this journey that is my university career, and I am humbled by my new found love for what my life is. Fuck the cynics. Fuck the time wasters. And fuck the cunts (literally – wahey!)

One of the most uplifting sentences that can ever be said to you is “Thank you, for being you” – that’s when you know you’re living the right way.


Here’s a beautiful and amazing song that has made me feel so happy recently. So listen, watch and enjoy.


Much love x

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Another good one :)



Monday, 2 March 2009


Sleep + Reno = Don’t have a bloody laugh mate.

Bit moody, sorry readers, but I feel a little compelled to write something within my current state instead of waiting.

Got a new idea for Reno Donates it All, THURSDAY will be ‘Harmony day’ – where everything spoken has to be sung! Fun times, originally it was guna be rhymed but that way too difficult. So there you go. Shibby.





Due to scheduling and personal stuff, I’m guna get an EXTRA slot on GK Radio this week! That’s right, 4 hours of metal mayhem in 1 week!! Winners. So we’ll be on the air from 8-10pm Wednesday and 12-2pm Thursday. Hope you can all make it and enjoy the shows!


Dad made a suprise visit today with some special little friends who I wasn’t expecting to see!!


Awesome to see my puppies again, though they’ve virtually forgotten me lol, oh well.

Hope you’re all good, new updates soon!