Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…



Renox (said Rhen-nocks)



What’s in a name? Well, what a deep question to raise Reno, but to be honest I can’t be fucked to get into it, because I’m far too lazy. However, I will say that if you want a special name for me, feel free to apply one – I like cute little things that make me individual to different person in my life. The name Wrex (said Rex) isn’t really a mainstream one, I just wanted Nicola to feel special by mentioning it. There are other personal names I’ve had in the past – mainly from girlfriends but not always. For example, Lito used to call me ‘Spider Monkey’ lol. Anyway yeah, there’s a self obsessed post in itself, so I better counter it with something not so ‘about me’.




How about

There, much better!


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