Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I was just on Facebook…I mean Myspace

Okay so I’ve been a Myspace boy since the early days, when it was cool, when it was for the popular emo kids to play around and desperately seek photo comments. I’ve seen it develop, and similarly I jumped on the facebook wagon early too – though I always preferred Myspace until recently. The thing that has put me off about Myspace is their inability to look for new things that sets them apart from the other social network sites, such as their number 1 rival Facebook. Instead, they have copied pretty much everything Facebook has done recently;

* Unlimited pictures

* Photo albums

* Applications

* Modules

* Status/mood

and now the biggest rip off of them all!!


For a long time now, Facebook has supported its chat service at the bottom of its pages, which has had a mixed reaction.

Either way, it is a normal part of that is the Facebook way of life. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the chatbar is like  mini msn messenger – click the “online friends” button, click a friend and the chat box opens on the bar, as seen above.

I just went on Myspace and it appears that the chat bar has been completely mimicked. I don’t mean something similar, i mean it’s identical!!

Check it out, here’s my Facebook homepage (note the grey chat bar as seen above)



Bigger version…



Notice any similarities to this…?


Yeah, me neither….*rolls eyes*

And all this just days after Facebook ripped off the ever-popular Twitter with their new status-centralised page layout.

Will copying ever end with these companies? Should we even be bothered? They’re all free, after all. Comments are very much welcome.


Oh, PS, here’s today’s song!! This is my funeral song, so keep that in mind in case I forget to write it down :P


28 days to go!


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