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Monday, 2 March 2009


Sleep + Reno = Don’t have a bloody laugh mate.

Bit moody, sorry readers, but I feel a little compelled to write something within my current state instead of waiting.

Got a new idea for Reno Donates it All, THURSDAY will be ‘Harmony day’ – where everything spoken has to be sung! Fun times, originally it was guna be rhymed but that way too difficult. So there you go. Shibby.





Due to scheduling and personal stuff, I’m guna get an EXTRA slot on GK Radio this week! That’s right, 4 hours of metal mayhem in 1 week!! Winners. So we’ll be on the air from 8-10pm Wednesday and 12-2pm Thursday. Hope you can all make it and enjoy the shows!


Dad made a suprise visit today with some special little friends who I wasn’t expecting to see!!


Awesome to see my puppies again, though they’ve virtually forgotten me lol, oh well.

Hope you’re all good, new updates soon!


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