Saturday, 29 August 2009

Reno is back!

On form, on top and boy do I have news!

I could write loads today, where I’ve been, all the gorey details, an update on my life during my missing weeks, etc – but I’d rather just say hey and tell you all that everything is absolutely amazing at the moment.

Varsity Radio is on the way up – building is finished, the furniture is set up, now begins the final stages of the setup; technology and man power! So, if you fancy broadcasting to 4 million students on the UK’s only national student radio station then give me a shout on :D I also have a new business number, which you can ask for by emailing me :D

With the 8th anniversary of this century’s greatest lie looming ever nearer, I’ve decided to get back into my enthusiasm regarding politics and the truth behind the culture that all the sheep and dopes live behind. These issues are; the war in Afghanistan, politics here and in the US and also the mainstream culture – particularly the apparent obsession this country has with celebrity lives and why there are more pressing issues in the world than the count on the amount of times Katie Price’s new boyfriend tells her that he loves her, its pathetic and meaningless.

Long live the explaining of all things, stay tuned for new blogs, pictures and insight from your favourite Stokey.

Much love, Reno :)


Monday, 3 August 2009

Memories :)