Monday, 4 August 2008

Fuck society - Get over it!

So I'm at Mum's at the moment, so I won't be posting a video blog for a while. Instead I'm going to write this lovely little blog about my frustration towards another part of "normal" society, and here it is; Celebrities.

I am fully aware that celebrities are unavoidable, and that fame is something that is (in a way) an essential part of society as entertainment not only brings it's main purpose of entertaining (duh) but the popularity of the stars of these media outpourings becomes inevitable, and thus people develop an interest in who these stars are as people off the screen or away from the recording studio.

Now personally, I can (to an extent) relate to this but only on a base level but only so much that I'd love to know some of my favourite musical heroes on a personal level, but that's as far as it goes. I do NOT see the obsession with stars on the level where magazines base their entire publishing on the lives of celebrities. I was watching the news earlier and saw the report that HELLO magazine paid over £7 Million for exclusive photos of their new babies. Now, it's a nice little thing if you want to tell people about it, but is it really THAT BIG of a deal? Let's remind ourselves, THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE. In my opinion it's crazy, because by this time next week the whole article will be forgotten and there'll be a new issue out, will they have made back £7 million and would it really have been worth it? They are just babies, unless Brad and Angelina weren't in the shots too then it could be anyone's children, and thus this obsession with people prooves that ordinary lives must be so boring that they have to pay for magazines telling stories of what is happening in other people's lives, are they really that sad?

The other side to this argument is the flock of "messy" photos that these magazines publish, where they send secret paparazi to locations where celebrities are and then publish the worst photo and make up a bogus story related to this.

For example, I saw a magazine with a bad photo of Britney Spears a few days ago with the tag line "Britney unfit to be a parent" simply based on this photo, as they couldn't have gotten much else from anywhere else as Britney was in a private residence. I'm not a Britney fan, but I'll stand up and defend her right to privacy, she should be allowed to live her life without sneaky photographers never leaving alone. It's a fucking disgrace that millions of people in this country would pay to read a magazine that invades privacy and critises people's lives, when they can't find anything better to do with their own lives than publish this shit.

Nobody is perfect.
Get over it.