Saturday, 31 January 2009

Party week? Oops.

So party week didn’t go to plan… at all. lol.

Anyway, the only part of Party week that DID go to plan was Sugarmill last night. Me and Dax braved the cold (with me in shorts) and walked up to the mill last night. Was awesome, some fun music, chats, dances and I ran into a long lost friend from new year! Here’s some pics…


 DSCN0500 DSCN0507  DSCN0501DSCN0504DSCN0503DSCN0508  

                                                                           ^^^ Grace was hiding ^^^


Awesome night had by all. Party week is being re-vamped, begging last night and ending next Friday. Riley’s tonight for pool fun, pics will be up tomoro!


The challenge begins this week. As of Monday I’m going to disconnect myself from the internet. I can still use my laptop for music and work but the internet goes off and stays off. It’s an experiment to see if I can get my life in order, instead of spending it all in a ‘fake world’ as my Mum put it.

The only exception is if I use the net for Uni work. Other than that, I’m OFF.
So don’t expect to see me on MSN, Myspace or Facebook anytime soon.

I’ll be keeping brief updates on Twitter so if you’re really interested then head over to

That’s all for now kids, oh don’t forget to listen to A SKYLIT DRIVE – they’re my new favourite band!! Here’s my fave song by them just for you!!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

I want a husky

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

MSN….mostly stupid nonsense?

Harry and I have some of the best conversations ever…

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:
so wat were u saying earlier? ur guna skip boxing tomoro for my awesome awesome show? awesome man cheers

Harry says:
nah i THINK what i said was
im going to go boxing

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:
after all ive done for you
i put my... you put your...

Harry says:
love U

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:
this is a choon as well
if you didnt know it was paramore, you could easily take this song for something like evenessance

Harry says:
its way better than evanesance

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:
yes yes

Harry says:
it hasnt got a gay as fuck warbly shitty goth bint woman singing that shit

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:
hayley is rather fit in such video

Harry says:
shes always fit blud
i have dreams where shes my girlfriend..

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:
yeh but in misery business she was too ginge

Harry says:
not sex dreams
oh fuck that

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:

Harry says:
you'd kill to fuck her in misery business

Reno - No hospital's gunna save you from a broken heart... says:

Monday, 26 January 2009

Party week; Part 1

So last week Dax and I agreed that we’d spend this whole week partying our asses off.

To hell with the expenses, we’re gunna do it. End of.

Tonight’s plan was to hit the underground for a night of indie bollocks and cheap drinks that I wouldn’t consume. Unfortunately everyone pulled out and Dax got back from Coventry late so that didn’t go to plan. Instead we hung out at mine playing Guitar Hero and Call of Duty between dying my hair and me talking to Pimp Drew on MSN (making Dax wait). We ate midget gems and tesco value chocolate and talked about ballsacks till the cows came home…nothing new there then!

Though our plans didn’t hit the ‘party’ level as such, and we didn’t go anywhere, we still had an awesome night. Roll on night two; Tuesday’s bowling tournament of the masterful stars who can’t bowl. WIN.

Other news? Well I came home from Mum’s today, trains were more reliable than usual, got a seat on every leg of the journey, that’s gotta be a first in a very long time. Rapture this week is lining up to be a shot above previous expectations, in fact I think it could be our best yet, the fact it involves mine and Dax’s party week can only spell good things…unless he says fuck on air, which is highly likely.

My cold is virtually gone WOO-FRIGGEDY-HOO! All that’s left is a horrible (and painful) chesty cough. It’s not pleasant, but even that is lifting now.

Seeing Katie for lunch tomorrow, really looking forward to that one. But first I have to face 2 hours of lectures and workshops. Speaking of which, I better go sleep, gotta be up in 6 hours!

Here’s your song for today, great great great track by Sky Eats Airplane :)

(It might just feature on Rapture this week, but shhhh!!)


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Go where the work goes

If only I could find the work.

Hey again all. Been thinking a lot recently (not a good idea) about the future and how much I’ve got to work out over the coming months (that’s on top of finishing all my projects). As soon as April hits I’ve gotta make some very big decisions about my future and where I want to Summer. Gotta find a house, a job, a location – all of it. No idea what I’m doing or where I’m going. Got an idea, but it’s unlikely that I’ll be lucky enough to find work in that particular place.

Got looking at flat shares earlier on the net, the rent is sooo much more than it is at Uni – which in theory is actually £0 for me lol. Even so, real world, gotta get on with that shit. Fear not world, your radio superstar will be on the real airwaves soon enough, then money won’t matter :P

Also, gunna win the lottery tonight, fact.

I joined Twitter earlier, nicer little updates compared to these beefy posts I do every few days. I love it! To be honest I love blogging in general, I love having any form of impact on the internet, even if it is the smallest meteor on the surface of the moon – like to have input and I love to express myself.

Speaking of expressing myself, did the first Rapture Session on Wednesday, went down a fucking storm, had a great time! Didn’t get as many listeners as I was hoping, but that’ll get sorted soon enough I’m sure!

Here’s today’s song pick for you :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


That’s right bitches, your number 1 metal radio show is back TONIGHT!

Got a competition, a lot of news, comedy and the best tunes around. Speaking of which, here’s a sneak preview of the playlist for you to enjoy!


Hope you’re all going to tune in!

8pm dudes, see you then!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Don’t say that!

Well it looks like my Tuesday entry managed to completely jinx my current state. My cold came back with a terrible vengeance on Wednesday night and I currently feel terrible. Going out last night until 3am probably wasn’t the best of choices, but I’m glad I did, needed to get out of the house and all that. Here’s a few pics from our venture to the Sugarmill…


DSCN0483 DSCN0488 DSCN0466 DSCN0469 DSCN0477 DSCN0480 


Officially back at uni as of Monday, though my first lecture is actually on Tuesday lol. Its strange, I looked on the timetable I made for this semester back in September and apparently I’m only in for a few hours on a Tuesday and that’s it. That’s all I do this semester. Overdose of independent study hours me thinks!!

Rapture is officially back this Wednesday! Hope you’re all looking forward to it, got a load of awesome new tracks and features for the show – preview of the full set-list coming in the next few days!

Just want to take this moment to say hi to all my UKMD buddies, glad you found your way to the blog from my post on the forum lol. If you’re a counterstrike player or team fortress 2 addict then head over to our n00b headquarters for fun, chat and links to our awesome servers at

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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Build me a time machine

So many things in life we’d love to go back in time for – easier days, time with family, holidays, seeing those who have passed on. I’ve always said that if I went back in time it would be back to summer of 2004 to the time hen high school ended, but that’s changed now. If I could go back in time I’d go back a year to January 1st 2008 and I’d learn to appreciate everything I had. I’m so sorry for how I acted, how blind I was, and everything that has ensued since that date. When I think back over the last 2 years of uni and how everything has developed all I can think about is how my uni life has just been about one person. It hasn’t been about learning, going out, parties, radio, music, independence – it’s all been for you. Even when I didn’t know you, there was an ever developing connection that drew us together.

The first year wasn’t good because we didn’t work out. The beginning of year two was amazing – ‘the courting’, the cuddles, the DVDs, the staying over and you sneaking home really early, the new year that made it official, the day you came back to stoke and I came round and you kissed me at the kitchen door. These are things that go through my head every minute of every day. I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s driving me insane that I was so blind before and that there’s nothing I can do to make it better. And then I think of one other thing – amidst all the arguing and the bollocks leading up to Christmas, all I can think about is the night of the last Super Friday. When you came and sat on my knee and kissed me and you asked me to come pick you up at the end of the night. That night felt like we were going to work it all out, I felt so happy and so accepted. Now we’re not even talking and I’m completely lost without you. I tried effortlessly to convince myself that I could hate you, that if I could convince myself that you’re a bad person then I could get on with my life without you in it, but the truth is I can’t – because you’re not a bad person and I could never hate you.

Every fucking step I take in trying to work things out is the wrong one. I wish I had a fucking clue. All I do is make things worse. I don’t want to be this bubbling mess of a person anymore, but no matter what I do I’m just not happy. I wish I knew what you thought or how you felt.

I’m sorry for doing this, because by doing it I’m probably making it worse again, but I have to vent.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Prepare for the flood!

Haha! So what’s new dudes? I’ve been doing fuck all recently, not that it’s really a difference when it comes to the life of me – I hardly ever do productive things. However, I have to tell you about my regrown love for fucking heavy metal. When i say ‘fucking heavy’ some would argue that they classify such bands as a pathetic excuse for metal (will anyone ever give scene kids a break?") Anyway, deathcore and post-hardcore sit at the top of my musical restaurant’s menu currently and that’s not likely to change. For that reason, THE RETURN OF RAPTURE next week will be a fucking heavy special edition, with input from bands such as THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, THE RED CHORD, AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK and many more! Also got a few things lined up for exclusive underground tracks nobody has heard before, so stay tuned over the coming weeks for more on that!!


My cold hasn’t gone away yet, most of it has gone – no sneezing or headaches or problems sleeping anymore (sleeping til 5am today proved that!) but still coughing loads and having horrible amounts of flem makes me feel like this:


However, the mount of good stuff I’ve been eating recently can only mean good things…right?

I’ve also started doing weights everyday which is tough but very rewarding work, I love the thought that I’m very (VERY) slowly beefing up. Ding ding! Next stop buff town.

Monday, 5 January 2009


Good morning/afternoon/evening (delete where appropriate) to you all and welcome to the brand new blog layout for a brand new year and a brand new me.

I want to thank everyone for their recent support in trying times, you mean a hell of a lot to me, you really do. I feel so refreshed recently, I'm a whole new man - more social and more active in everyday junk! It's a great feeling.

I finally got my xbox back today from the repair centre in Germany. Well, I say my xbox, it's not actually, it belongs to someone else - their gamer profile is still on the console and all their music etc. Friggin xbox are terrible at doing stuff right; first the xbox busts, then they take a year to get the thing picked up, then it takes ages for it to be shipped back, then when it finally arrives they send me the wrong bloody one! Oh well, I'm not sending it back, can't be bothered waiting for it to all work out.

So now the xbox is back on the shelf I've managed to finally get round to playing Guitar Hero - World Tour and I've got to say it's truely awesome. I mean, there are some kinks they didn't sort out before release (hammer notes arent very responsive and the joypad won't press left half the time) but the game itself is an amazing improvement on number 3. When you look at number 3 (legends of rock) and compare it to Rock Band which was released at the same time last year, GH looked like a beta of the kind of thing that Rock Band was already pulling off. But now guitar hero has taken it a step further and I'm proud of them for making such a brilliant gamepiece.

In other news, my cold is getting worse. I woke up this morning feeling more dead than death after he's been run over. Urgh. Flem = gross. The only upside is drinking yummy beechams flu plus (see post below).

Matt and I were jamming again last night, it looks like the music is going to return with some welcome new tunes by us aswell as the re-recording of some classics including One Hell of a Day and Five Year Winter. Speaking of which, when singing Five Year Winter last night for the first time in atleast a year, I realised how awesome that song is. I mean, one doesn't like to blow one's own trumpet but they could be the best lyrics I've ever written. Here they are:

Sitting here in summer days
And to me, you're cold
Raise the barriers
Mark the fences
Push me away

Sitting here in sunshine rays
And you're just cold
Raise the barriers
Marth the defence
Break this today

This is what
It's become
5 Years of effort
10 minutes and I'm gone
You never said it mattered
It doesn't suprise me
No it doesn't tell me much
I'm out of patience
And you're out of touch


And I'm still getting shivers from your...
Cold shoulder.

I love that ending. Anyway chums keep happy and I'll catch you soon :)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Stay The Course

There’s lots of things you want me to say
But there’s just no more words
There’s lots of reasons I want to stay
But there’s just no more time

There were days
When I’d carve your name in the stone
And there were times
When I’d break my chains just to hear your voice
But romance is dead. Clarity is home.

If you think I’m gunna break
You’re more wrong than you’ve ever been right
The days when I begged for forgiveness
Are long gone
Dead, like this futile attraction I wish to eternity

Every minute I wait for this to pass
Is a clearer day earned
I’ll stay the course of this path
And soon enough I shall return

Just you wait
Someday you’ll see
This love, this fortune, this devotion
Won’t just be for me.

I am reborn.


Stay The Course – By Reno – 4/1/09

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I owe my life to…

That is all.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

A clean slate

Wow, how strange it feels to be sitting here saying congratulations to everyone for reaching this momentous occasion of January 1st 2009! Seems like yesterday when we were hitting the millennium, granted I was in Connecticut in the USA when that took place. But you know, the last 9 years have held so many amazing things for me; high school, college, university, friends found and friends lost, love, betrayal, new homes and of course infinite changes in my appearance lol.


Last night was fucking awesome. See, I was very unsure on what to do for new year, my plans for a night in at mums with someone fell through and I didn't want to face it alone, so I decided I should head back to Stoke and spend it out in town, at least then I wouldn’t be bored. However, it kinda sucked coz no1 else is in Stoke and I was there on my own. I sat around not confident enough to talk to people for quite some time, but then I danced with a few cool people and it turned out they’re actually very very cool people. I totally forgot I had my camera until the night was almost over, but I grabbed a few pics before I left, here they are (lol)…



DSCN0393 DSCN0392

   ^^^ Grace stole my gloves lol ^^^


So yeah, that was last night, awesome times had by all! Glad I made the choice to return to the motherland!

What did you get up to over new year? Give me a shout,

Also, continuing the ‘My Revolution’ playlist that is guiding me in my transformation at the moment (see lyrics and YouTube songs in the last few posts) here is an amazing song by Dragon Force, this is one of those songs I could never get bored of, it’s just outstanding :D

Stay happy broods and dudes!