Monday, 26 January 2009

Party week; Part 1

So last week Dax and I agreed that we’d spend this whole week partying our asses off.

To hell with the expenses, we’re gunna do it. End of.

Tonight’s plan was to hit the underground for a night of indie bollocks and cheap drinks that I wouldn’t consume. Unfortunately everyone pulled out and Dax got back from Coventry late so that didn’t go to plan. Instead we hung out at mine playing Guitar Hero and Call of Duty between dying my hair and me talking to Pimp Drew on MSN (making Dax wait). We ate midget gems and tesco value chocolate and talked about ballsacks till the cows came home…nothing new there then!

Though our plans didn’t hit the ‘party’ level as such, and we didn’t go anywhere, we still had an awesome night. Roll on night two; Tuesday’s bowling tournament of the masterful stars who can’t bowl. WIN.

Other news? Well I came home from Mum’s today, trains were more reliable than usual, got a seat on every leg of the journey, that’s gotta be a first in a very long time. Rapture this week is lining up to be a shot above previous expectations, in fact I think it could be our best yet, the fact it involves mine and Dax’s party week can only spell good things…unless he says fuck on air, which is highly likely.

My cold is virtually gone WOO-FRIGGEDY-HOO! All that’s left is a horrible (and painful) chesty cough. It’s not pleasant, but even that is lifting now.

Seeing Katie for lunch tomorrow, really looking forward to that one. But first I have to face 2 hours of lectures and workshops. Speaking of which, I better go sleep, gotta be up in 6 hours!

Here’s your song for today, great great great track by Sky Eats Airplane :)

(It might just feature on Rapture this week, but shhhh!!)


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