Thursday, 1 January 2009

A clean slate

Wow, how strange it feels to be sitting here saying congratulations to everyone for reaching this momentous occasion of January 1st 2009! Seems like yesterday when we were hitting the millennium, granted I was in Connecticut in the USA when that took place. But you know, the last 9 years have held so many amazing things for me; high school, college, university, friends found and friends lost, love, betrayal, new homes and of course infinite changes in my appearance lol.


Last night was fucking awesome. See, I was very unsure on what to do for new year, my plans for a night in at mums with someone fell through and I didn't want to face it alone, so I decided I should head back to Stoke and spend it out in town, at least then I wouldn’t be bored. However, it kinda sucked coz no1 else is in Stoke and I was there on my own. I sat around not confident enough to talk to people for quite some time, but then I danced with a few cool people and it turned out they’re actually very very cool people. I totally forgot I had my camera until the night was almost over, but I grabbed a few pics before I left, here they are (lol)…



DSCN0393 DSCN0392

   ^^^ Grace stole my gloves lol ^^^


So yeah, that was last night, awesome times had by all! Glad I made the choice to return to the motherland!

What did you get up to over new year? Give me a shout,

Also, continuing the ‘My Revolution’ playlist that is guiding me in my transformation at the moment (see lyrics and YouTube songs in the last few posts) here is an amazing song by Dragon Force, this is one of those songs I could never get bored of, it’s just outstanding :D

Stay happy broods and dudes!


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