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Monday, 5 January 2009


Good morning/afternoon/evening (delete where appropriate) to you all and welcome to the brand new blog layout for a brand new year and a brand new me.

I want to thank everyone for their recent support in trying times, you mean a hell of a lot to me, you really do. I feel so refreshed recently, I'm a whole new man - more social and more active in everyday junk! It's a great feeling.

I finally got my xbox back today from the repair centre in Germany. Well, I say my xbox, it's not actually, it belongs to someone else - their gamer profile is still on the console and all their music etc. Friggin xbox are terrible at doing stuff right; first the xbox busts, then they take a year to get the thing picked up, then it takes ages for it to be shipped back, then when it finally arrives they send me the wrong bloody one! Oh well, I'm not sending it back, can't be bothered waiting for it to all work out.

So now the xbox is back on the shelf I've managed to finally get round to playing Guitar Hero - World Tour and I've got to say it's truely awesome. I mean, there are some kinks they didn't sort out before release (hammer notes arent very responsive and the joypad won't press left half the time) but the game itself is an amazing improvement on number 3. When you look at number 3 (legends of rock) and compare it to Rock Band which was released at the same time last year, GH looked like a beta of the kind of thing that Rock Band was already pulling off. But now guitar hero has taken it a step further and I'm proud of them for making such a brilliant gamepiece.

In other news, my cold is getting worse. I woke up this morning feeling more dead than death after he's been run over. Urgh. Flem = gross. The only upside is drinking yummy beechams flu plus (see post below).

Matt and I were jamming again last night, it looks like the music is going to return with some welcome new tunes by us aswell as the re-recording of some classics including One Hell of a Day and Five Year Winter. Speaking of which, when singing Five Year Winter last night for the first time in atleast a year, I realised how awesome that song is. I mean, one doesn't like to blow one's own trumpet but they could be the best lyrics I've ever written. Here they are:

Sitting here in summer days
And to me, you're cold
Raise the barriers
Mark the fences
Push me away

Sitting here in sunshine rays
And you're just cold
Raise the barriers
Marth the defence
Break this today

This is what
It's become
5 Years of effort
10 minutes and I'm gone
You never said it mattered
It doesn't suprise me
No it doesn't tell me much
I'm out of patience
And you're out of touch


And I'm still getting shivers from your...
Cold shoulder.

I love that ending. Anyway chums keep happy and I'll catch you soon :)

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