Sunday, 4 January 2009

Stay The Course

There’s lots of things you want me to say
But there’s just no more words
There’s lots of reasons I want to stay
But there’s just no more time

There were days
When I’d carve your name in the stone
And there were times
When I’d break my chains just to hear your voice
But romance is dead. Clarity is home.

If you think I’m gunna break
You’re more wrong than you’ve ever been right
The days when I begged for forgiveness
Are long gone
Dead, like this futile attraction I wish to eternity

Every minute I wait for this to pass
Is a clearer day earned
I’ll stay the course of this path
And soon enough I shall return

Just you wait
Someday you’ll see
This love, this fortune, this devotion
Won’t just be for me.

I am reborn.


Stay The Course – By Reno – 4/1/09

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