Friday, 27 February 2009



Also, keep stuff coming in for Red Nose day! Monday (aka Backwards day) already has some followers getting involved! Head to for more info!!!





Monday, 23 February 2009

Reno donates it all…



Got a strange drive today to do something for the sake of others. So I’ve started a group on the comic relief website for you all to join and get involved in. Don’t have any idea what to do with it yet, so ideas are more than welcome, email them to or head over to the official group at and join up!!


Nice one broods!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Too lazy

Hello all. Been really wanting to write a nice opinionated piece recently based on how much all this shit with Jade Goody is pissing me off. However, I’m far too tired at the moment to even think of anything that wouldn’t make me look bad and my argument flawed, so I’ll wait for a later date.


Lots going on at the moment, trying tog et along with this dissertation but its just not working out, got no drive to make it work. So annoying. Oh well.


Been going out and taking loads of pics recently, here’s a few for you to enjoy…



DSCN0628 DSCN0625

(trip to 24 after Rapture)



DSCN0647 DSCN0650 DSCN0651

(Guest co-host on “The Ant and Mike Show”)



DSCN0666 DSCN0660

(Sugarmill, Friday 20th)


Hope you enjoyed those nuggets of digital pictorial delight!

See you in a few days, lovely readers!!


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rapture, 18/02/09, what to expect…

Well well well, today has finally arrived and tonight’s epic guest show of The Rapture Session is approaching nice and fast! So, what can you expect from this show that I’m so excited about?


Well, firstly, we’ve got an awesome exclusive track from the Deathcore band ‘The Torture of Comacine’ to play just for you guys. It’s a brilliant song and they’re awesome guys so listen out for that.


Secondly, for the first time in Rapture’s history, we have not 1 but 2 guests in the studio!! Dax, who I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now, is going to be bringing his crazy ass into the big chair for the show, but I’ll also be dragging my mate Emma along with me for moral support. When I say moral support I mean insults and distractions, but hey, whatcha gonna do?


Thirdly, we have one of the best playlists I’ve ever constructed, if I do say so myself!


So tune in!! 8pm UK time xD


Sunday, 15 February 2009



Evening boys and girls, and how are we on this fine day/night/morning time?

I’m not sure if I like this new layout for the blog, it’s cool and all but it’s very…thin!

Anyway, just a quick update to say everything is great at the moment! Happy times for the win. Here’s a nice video for you all to enjoy :D

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Had to be done.


Best anti-valentines day EVER

What do Pluto and Reno have in common?

Random Planet!

Oh shit, that clever tag line doesn’t even work, because Pluto isn’t even a planet anymore, fucking scientists stealing my thunder!

ANYWAY! Random Planet is a new blog set up by my mate Dennis and has asked a few of his close mates to contribute their own posts to it. Most of the guys supply funny videos and junk but I prefer to hit the satire button and be a sadistic bell end like I usually am, check out my first post here!

Had a nice day today, stuck 2 fingers up to the lovers and hung out with my new bestie Emma. She’s a bit of a gooch, but I can put up with that! Here’s a few shots I managed to take before she tried to destroy my camera and kill me!

DSCN0559 DSCN0560

Sorry they’re terrible. Anyway, fun times watching Fargo and all that junk. She’s pretty smelly to be fair, and I tell her, what a bad friend I am haha. She’s guna read this, so I’ll say this… TUNAFACE!!!


More tomoro :)

Friday, 13 February 2009


Throw two hours of your time at this :)

Don’t dismiss it without seeing the whole thing, reserve your opinions until the end, give it a chance. Oh and if you're Harry French, I’m sorry.

Ask questions. Demand answers.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The weekend at Dad’s

So I’ll try and fill you in with the more detailed version of stuff that’s been happening with me. You have no idea how much happier I am these days, dunno what it is but stuff is generally just working better for me and I’m thinking more positively. There’s loads to tell but we’ll start with the weekend just passed which I spent at Dad’s house in Market Harborough

Headed down on Saturday afternoon, got there and we had fish and chips while watching TV, then we watched a movie and chilled.

Sunday was awesome, we watched Genesis, had lunch then went for a walk along a nearby canal and through the countryside, it was just like old times! Here’s some pics I took :)


Sorry that' they’re blurry, blame Sony Ericsson!

Here’s a video of Dad sledging on a ‘for sale’ sign we found.

He regretted that!

Watched LOTR:ROTK in the evening, forgot how bloody long it is!

Headed back on Monday, nice and relaxed, easy and quick train ride home. Best weekend I’ve had in a hell of a long time. Just wanted to thank Dad for such an awesome time :D

I’ll post something new tomorrow about recent events and all that jazz!

Reno :)

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The hiatus is over

Wow, so much to say, not enough drive or time to write it all. Let’s see, I failed the challenge after 20 hours, but I cut back on my online time by going out more regularly and doing more shit…not literally.

I’ve started to work out every day now, plenty of weights, press ups and sit ups for Reno!

Weekend at Dad’s was awesome, want to thank him for letting me visit and all the awesome times we had while I was there.

Rapture returns tonight at 8pm (UK time!), that’s midday in California or 7am on Thursday if you’re in Australia!

Bigger update coming soon!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Party week night 2!

Last night, Riley’s, my house! We had a fucking blast. Hell yeah.

Here’s pics from the night :D

 DSCN0509 DSCN0510 DSCN0511 DSCN0512   DSCN0515  DSCN0517 DSCN0518DSCN0516DSCN0514The night was pretty juicy!

As if the dukebox in Rileys had so much metal! We listened to NFG, Machine Head and Killswitch Engage! It was fucking awesome. We only had one game, but it was good, and we’re guna go back next week too. Speaking of next week, you won’t be seeing me during it. Read below for details on my personal challenge.

Currently watching Layer Cake then going to the Library later. Been thinking of stuff I can do to keep myself busy when the net goes off. Clean room, shower, sort DVDs, do dissertation, watch vids, play Xbox.

It’s midnight. See you next Monday people!