Saturday, 14 February 2009

What do Pluto and Reno have in common?

Random Planet!

Oh shit, that clever tag line doesn’t even work, because Pluto isn’t even a planet anymore, fucking scientists stealing my thunder!

ANYWAY! Random Planet is a new blog set up by my mate Dennis and has asked a few of his close mates to contribute their own posts to it. Most of the guys supply funny videos and junk but I prefer to hit the satire button and be a sadistic bell end like I usually am, check out my first post here!

Had a nice day today, stuck 2 fingers up to the lovers and hung out with my new bestie Emma. She’s a bit of a gooch, but I can put up with that! Here’s a few shots I managed to take before she tried to destroy my camera and kill me!

DSCN0559 DSCN0560

Sorry they’re terrible. Anyway, fun times watching Fargo and all that junk. She’s pretty smelly to be fair, and I tell her, what a bad friend I am haha. She’s guna read this, so I’ll say this… TUNAFACE!!!


More tomoro :)

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  1. hey sorry i have to rectify something.. My new blog url is now :) it is down at the moment due to still in the process of transfering the url..its complicated stuff its hard to explain, I dont even understand it myself! Anyway readers BOOKMARK and keep checking for more interesting updates ;)

    -Random Planet