Sunday, 22 February 2009

Too lazy

Hello all. Been really wanting to write a nice opinionated piece recently based on how much all this shit with Jade Goody is pissing me off. However, I’m far too tired at the moment to even think of anything that wouldn’t make me look bad and my argument flawed, so I’ll wait for a later date.


Lots going on at the moment, trying tog et along with this dissertation but its just not working out, got no drive to make it work. So annoying. Oh well.


Been going out and taking loads of pics recently, here’s a few for you to enjoy…



DSCN0628 DSCN0625

(trip to 24 after Rapture)



DSCN0647 DSCN0650 DSCN0651

(Guest co-host on “The Ant and Mike Show”)



DSCN0666 DSCN0660

(Sugarmill, Friday 20th)


Hope you enjoyed those nuggets of digital pictorial delight!

See you in a few days, lovely readers!!


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