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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Go where the work goes

If only I could find the work.

Hey again all. Been thinking a lot recently (not a good idea) about the future and how much I’ve got to work out over the coming months (that’s on top of finishing all my projects). As soon as April hits I’ve gotta make some very big decisions about my future and where I want to Summer. Gotta find a house, a job, a location – all of it. No idea what I’m doing or where I’m going. Got an idea, but it’s unlikely that I’ll be lucky enough to find work in that particular place.

Got looking at flat shares earlier on the net, the rent is sooo much more than it is at Uni – which in theory is actually £0 for me lol. Even so, real world, gotta get on with that shit. Fear not world, your radio superstar will be on the real airwaves soon enough, then money won’t matter :P

Also, gunna win the lottery tonight, fact.

I joined Twitter earlier, nicer little updates compared to these beefy posts I do every few days. I love it! To be honest I love blogging in general, I love having any form of impact on the internet, even if it is the smallest meteor on the surface of the moon – like to have input and I love to express myself.

Speaking of expressing myself, did the first Rapture Session on Wednesday, went down a fucking storm, had a great time! Didn’t get as many listeners as I was hoping, but that’ll get sorted soon enough I’m sure!

Here’s today’s song pick for you :)

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