Thursday, 2 October 2008


Major craziness, I've let it all slip recently and I haven't made a blog or vlog post in over a month (in the case of vlog, 2 months!)

Wowzers. So what's going on? Well everyone's back in Stoke for the final year and the final push towards the "I've got a degree! what do i do with it?" stage :)
It's great to have everyone back, we've already had some great nights out and a few dramas too - but that wouldn't be life if it all went smoothly now would it?!

I spoke to Mum earlier and we were talking about gifts for my 21st birthday (which is on the 15th of next month for your callendar ;) hehe) and both my main gift ideas she has turned me down on! Can't believe it!! Firstly I asked for Guitar Hero 4 and she said straight down no, and then I asked for money to go into my savings and she said no to that aswell! I also presented the idea of a new drumkit for my room but that didn't go down well either, so if you guys have any ideas on what to ask for, please feel free to tell me (email

As for the rest of it, well what can I say? Lectures are alright, learning nice stuff, switched to Dissertation from Film/TV drama project and I've already got ideas for my Photography: Environments project (hint: abandoned warehouses...that was less of a hint and more of a "it is..." ....woops!)

Anyway! Rapture is back on too, we've had 3 shows already, each running a full 2 hours long and they've been awesome :D If you fancy yourself co-hosting a show with me then send an email to the above address with "Rapture Application" as the title and a little info about you, your music interests and what you can bring to the show!!

Sweet, catch you all soon, Reno :)

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