Tuesday, 14 October 2008

It's all downhill from here...

It's funny, after reading Ricky and Karl's blogs, I realised that this sort of thing should be much more regular than me writing something a little funny every once in a while. So from now on I'm gunna try and write a post every night on the general bollocks that happens in my life! WOW FUN!

So what happened today? Absolutely nothing. Nah that's not true, went to my lecture and we watched a video about lesbians...well kind of. It was that BBC drama Tipping The Velvet from a few years back, Stephen (our teacher) asked if we'd seen it before - I replied with "only certain parts", everyone found that funny.

A lot of people were bombarding me with questions as soon as I got into the classroom about my blog and about my novel. Well on the front of my novel, its all a bit crazy at uni right now with so many projects on, but I promise there'll be a proper update soon.

The BBC weather is on, that woman is stupidly pregnant now, get her off the screen please - I want to know about the upcoming weather developments, not the development of your womb, CHEERS! :D

This weekend I was at my Mum's house near Kettering (if you dont know where that is, it's nearish Northampton). It was a really good experience to get away and have some time alone in the green countryside, but for some reason whenever I go there I seem to get ill; and this weekend wasn't an exception. The tummy aches still haven't gone away and I'm back in Stoke! But it's not so bad now :)

So after seeing how low the listeners of Rapture has gotten, it's time to start the new Fame Objective! I really want to start getting big followers to everything I do, it's a bit of a whim really as I don't know how good my stuff is, but I have a lot to offer - Radio show, blog and...what was the other thing? The novel rubbish probs. Either way, I want all the angles of what I'm doing that comes under a group of media involvement called "Reno Explains it All" - note the name of my blog :P So if you can help out, please feel free. Search for 'The Rapture Session' and become a fan on the fan page and join the group. Also make sure you tune into my show this week, it's our SALUTE TO VIDEO GAMES - i'll be talking about the best video games of all time (in my opinion) and asking for your favourites! Tune in at www.gkradio.co.uk on THURSDAY at 9pm (UK Time - American dudes check your time differences!)

One last thing to add, can ANYONE be a movie director these days? I mean, I know Madonna has done a few movies (one of which - Evita - I love) but does this give her the credability to be a movie director? To me, something says no... especially with unitard thing she wore all last year *heaves*

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