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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Doctor Who – Scavenger Hunt

Part 2 – The masterpiece

“That’s impossible” the Time Lord cried

“I know,” Martha said “just like I told you.”

“A grandfather clock in the middle of an excavation site, it doesn’t make any sense! Still, from what you’ve said Martha this seems to be an important part of your history, maybe we should just…”


“Leave” The Doctor looked sincerely at his comrade who was worried she wouldn’t achieve her dream of discovering the truth of this mystery she had read so much about, but then he cracked a huge smile and she knew the adventure was on. They walked together across the great plane of dust and sand and scattered shrubs toward the dig site in the far distance. The air was warm, though it carried a soft breeze upon it like waves of clarity upon an invisible ocean which swept the end of the Doctor’s long brown coat around as he walked and Martha’s hair was all over the place. As they neared, a lot of the staff involved in the dig appeared to move off and head back to the camp on the other side of the hill in a large group. Martha and the Doctor could hear them talking wildly and frantically as the hysteria of the clock’s origin exploded into a thousand possibilities. Luckily, the two travelers went unnoticed and they were able to walk straight through to the area where the clock stood; still half buried in dirt.


“That is gorgeous” the Doctor said

“But how did it get here?”

“I dunno… spatial time disruption?" the Doctor mused as he put his specs on “The amount of things that have happened to the timelines over the last few years could have moved anything pretty much anywhere! You’re lucky the Earth is still spinning!”

At that moment, a security guard tapped on the Doctor’s shoulder

“Can I help you?” he grumbled. The Doctor fumbled in his pocket and pulled out his psychic paper and held it updw200502-027

“I’m Doctor John Smith of the London natural history museum and this is my graduate intern Martha Jones.”

“Hi” she said and smiled. The guard examined the blank paper for a few moments with intense  scrutiny while the mysterious London Doctor continued

“We’re here to see Phillips’ amazing find, we won’t be here for too long!”

“Go on then” the guard said, to which Martha turned, jumped into the lower part of the dig and dashed over to the clock. Placing her hand upon it, she received an electric shock which threw her back.

“Careful Martha” the Doctor said as he caught up to his companion, who was now sat on the ground. He crouched down in front of the clock and pulled out his sonic screwdriver which was already glowing without him even pressing a button on it “That’s odd,” he said “it doesn’t usually do that unless…”

“Unless what?” Martha insisted, but the Doctor didn’t reply. Instead, he pressed the main switch of the screwdriver forward and allowed it to buzz for a few moments – then everything changed. As if by magic the clock began to tick, then from within it came a familiar sound – a noise he and so many others knew as the sign of a Time Lord’s presence.

“It can’t be” Martha looked desperately at the Doctor

Not believing in his own fear of what Phillips had found he reached out slowly for the golden knob on the front door of the clock. He pulled, and with a jerk it opened out; throwing the Doctor to the floor much like Martha beside him. Then, as the dust settled he could see inside, the sight he knew could not exist, and yet there it was; the mighty control room of a TARDIS.


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