Thursday, 22 May 2008


So me and Katie broke up. Tough decision but it's one I felt was right to make. This summer I'm going to focus on changing myself as a person - ive become a bit of a shut in and I don't like it. So I'm going to get fit, go out more, be more sociable (with whoever is going to be in Stoke!) and just more of the person I used to be back when I was 16 - 18. Plop. Everyone is welcome to come visit over summer, I'd love to see anyone and everyone! There's always a footon you can stay on :)

Harry, I'm going to be redrafting the novel soon, but I'm not starting over, I'm just going to be focusing much more on WHO the characters are, as I have large gaps in those areas anyway and thus it's all good.


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  1. Your Aunty Jane thinks you are a special person and she thinks you are quite wonderful, really!