Monday, 19 May 2008

Big novel update!!!

It's hard to write things like this without giving away too much but I'm gunna give it my best shot! Okay, so I made an executive decision today to change the story in a rather major way. I have decided to make something that the main characters are fighting for fall to the enemy, completely fooked and lost. It's quite key, as this is the main theme for the whole book, and its meant to be kinda shocking. Anyway, yeah, its gunna fall, and then there'll be silence. More character development and then a huuuuuuuuge load more of fighting :D
Originally there was guna be one big battle, but now theres gunna be countless fights - a proper war. It means my story is probs guna be twice as long as I'd originally thought (targetting about 40,000 words - currently at 30,140 words) so it's guna be pretty fuckin long :P
Also going to make some new characters soon, should be fun to make a few outside influences on our main protagonists, stir stuff up a bit!!

Anyway, thats about all I guess, more updates coming soon!


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