Friday, 16 May 2008

Closer to home: Tom's story part 1

Hey, I'm Tom. You could call me your average kid I guess; 13 years old, quite intelligent, i hate school, I like bike riding and music. I know what you're thinking, you were expecting me to say I enjoy spending time with friends in that section, everyone seems to say that, but I dont. See, I've always had a problem with my friends, with trust especially. I've always been pushed around and stabbed in the back, friends deserting friends for other 'friends' and all that. I know, I know, it's all just the way the world works, and how kids act, but I like to think of myself as more mature than that. Why bother falling out over stupid things like girls and who goes in goal for lunchtime football when I can just be on my own and focus on things that actually matter? See, I'm not that average really, I think far more ahead of myself than most others do. Okay, some people might be worried about high school and stuff coming up but I look further; what is my future? What is my destiny?
I've always had an obsession with destiny, "Don't do something tomorrow when it can be done today", that's my motto. The way I look at it, I don't want to put things off because the more I get done, the more I can learn and enjoy in the future. That's why I go for such long bike rides in the evenings, I love to go to the forest and explore. This has become a slight obsession of mine too, some of the stuff I've seen in those woods is amazing, and I don't mean amazingly large trees; i mean weird stuff. I could have killed myself once when I was trying to reach this weird thing I found! Basically it was in this large ditch near the side of the path, a load of the mud had fallen away during the storm from the previous night. I went over and in the small pit was something metallic sticking up through the gushing rain water, it was shiney and smooth, pointing out at a strange angle - resembling the top corner of something - though I've no idea what. The mud started to fall away beneath my feet so I ran back to my bike and carried on with my journey. By the next day it had dissapeared below mounds of slimy mud and I've never seen it since, I doubt I ever will, but I'll always look when I go past.
Though I love the idea of exploration, I doubt I'll ever go far from Maldessus (my home town), there's too much here for me to leave behind. I can't imagine the thought of being too far away from this place, even if it is boring a lot of the time and that chavs are really annoying...

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