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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Reno's life update - May 18th

Okay so recently my life has somewhat slowed down of late, and after looking up some of the ways ive been feeling recently on wikipedia, i was a little concerened that I was starting to face depression - worrying stuff. HOWEVER! I want to thank my Mum and her magical book which she gave me last year. I read some stuff for just twenty minutes and I already feel on top of the world. Happiness was always there waiting for me, I just wasn't listening! There's so much hardship facing the world at the moment (particularly in the direction of China) and I'm so lucky for what I've got, and yet I'm sat here feeling sorry for myself? It's not right. After reading my book, I came to a stark realisation, LIFE IS GREAT!!!

Sorry if I've been weird with you lately but I promise it's gunna change, this summer is going to be the dawn of a whole new Reno/Kris, you'll see a lot of change in me as a person and how reliable I am etc. Bare with me, it's going to be a really good change!

I'm focusing on what I want from the world and the destiny that I know I can and WILL forfil; my book will be finished, I will complete uni, I will move to a fantastic new home next summer and then in the future I will live in Miami. I know I will, and therefore it has to happen.

Thank you for your continuing support and love, it's really appreciated :)

Kris/Reno x

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