Monday, 12 May 2008

Closer to home: Chris' story part 1

"Son, there are some things in life that nobody understands. Sometimes, whoever is looking over us from the great beyond makes a decision that we cannot understand" Neil (his father) said to Chris - 5 years old, sat on the big leather arm chair which seemed to engulf him. He looked back at his father in slight bemusement. His beloved Dad, crouching infront of him, continued
"You see lad, there are phenomenon in this world that we cannot explain, and other actions of fate that are unable to fully get our grasp on the understanding of. Although they are different, we can always look to the skies for the signs that come adjoined to these great mysteries - the calling cards of a knowing fate, left behind for us to decypher and get a greater connection on the universe around us."

Most of this was going over his son's head, and he knew it, but it was important to tell his only child the secrets of his family. It would be a slow process that would have to be conducted over many years with slow additions to the tale like a series of books that spanned hundreds of thousands of words. No matter how long it took, Chris would know the truth, and would carry the tale of the great sorcerer Maldavin that had been passed down through blood and knowledge through countless generations, and now it was his turn to take these words and make them his own.

Realising the words were making no impact, Neil leaned forward and ruffled his son's corse black hair. He stood up and walked off in the direction of the kitchen on the other side of the house. The intruiged 5 year old snuck his way closer to the kitchen and hid near the door, listening in to the conversation his parents were having. Through the crack in the door he could see his Mother shuffling from one side of the kitchen to another while his father was stationary; leaning against a work counter.

"Imagine it Claire" his father said excitedly. His mother didn't respond "Our son could be the one!" she still didn't respond. Chris' mother, coming from the other side of the family, never had any interest in the old story of sorcerers and magic. At this point, all she cared about was finishing the cooking, so naturally her natural instinct was to take as little notice as possible

"Doesn't that excite you?!" he said louder. She stopped in the middle of the kitchen with a hot pan of brussel sprouts in her left hand, a pack of vegetable stock cubes in her right and a dissaproving look on her face.

"Neil, I've never really cared, to be honest. If you want to be excited then that's fine, but let me get on with what I need to do!" and she continued to shuffle her way through various cupboards and adding different spices to different cooking apparatus. Neil looked down in dissapointment

"One day, he'll be the strongest warrior this town has ever seen. You'll see" he said softly

This was the first time Chris saw a glimpse of the true future his Dad had planned out for him, and it scared him.

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