Sunday, 11 May 2008

So it's been hot

And it's been clammy

Don't you just hate sweat? It's gotta be the most gross thing in the world. Perspiration, though its natural advantage and purpose is important, is disgusting. It smells, its wet and it never stops. Personally the sweatiest place for me is my armpits, and thus with that you get soggy armpit hair - another disgusting development of the human body. But there you go, we can thank God for that creation.

When I die (and if heaven exists) I'll ask God why such things exist, along with a number of other questions such as "Why are sexual organs so ugly?"
This question was raised the other day in a routine conversation with Saraww about general stuff (which is usually not very general really, it's very abstract actually) and the question raised was "Why are vaginas so flappy?!" and I think that this is a fair question, don't you? I reckon God thought "It's a fun area so I'll make a downside - its ugly as hell!!" Double-edged-sword God, I love it! That guy was/is smart.

Anyway back to the sweat, I hate it when I sweat on an occasion where there is no call for it. Like a cool February afternoon where I have just gone to hand in a piece of work or go to a lecture. It is neither hot or cold and I am not under any stress or strain that would cause perspiration and yet I seem to be giving certain parts of my t-shirt a free salt-water wash. I simply do't get it, or accept it!

This is me looking down on heat, but then there are huuuuge upsides. One of which is the fact that I can walk to the 24 hour shop at 1am in a wife-beater vest and shorts without feeling even the smallest bit cold. Summer nights are deffinately the best thing you can experience all year round; the heat of the day can sometimes be overpowering but the sun leaves a little forget-me-not of night time warmth in his absence until he returns gloriously to offer us blistering heat (and the possiblity of skin cancer) once more. Awesome.

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