Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Hey everyone, not too much going on in my life at the moment, it's all a bit slow and boring, but what I HAVE done is started to re-write the intro to the novel, and here it is (so far)!

Many years had passed since Maldavin’s now soulless body had been buried to slowly rot away and became a part of the earth. The knowledge of Maldavin, like his existence, slowly disappeared from the memories of everyone in the country. Almost everyone, that is. It was only kept alive by a distant family connection, handed down by numerous generations like a ritual to a nameless God. Now, the person it had been handed down to was a 16 year old boy named Chris Key. A bright young man who had notorious intelligence that could take him far, but was never really interested in anything long enough to take it further than a few weeks of interest before getting bored and moving on to something else. However, learning that he was connected to an ancient and mysterious sorcerer made him believe without question that he was chosen to be something more than a normal person; his life would mean more, and perhaps Maldavin would help him achieve that. When he was fourteen, Chris discovered Buddhism and slowly began to change from an ordinary teenager into a misunderstood odd ball. Once popular, now unwanted, Chris went about his daily routine regardless – knowing that those who respected his chosen way of life were the ones that were worth holding on to, and the rest were but shadows in the night.
Saturday July 14th, Chris did his usual; woke up at 6am, slipped into his meditation robes and tip-toed barefoot across the cool yellow stepping stones that dotted their way over the back garden. At the end of the grass was a larger rectangular slab made of the same stone but about a metre across and half a metre in depth, to where it halted flush with the end of the grass, dropping off a few feet to a shallow level of chalky pebbles before the thin black metal fence that lead out onto the great rolling hills that spanned as far as the eye could see. The soft morning breeze laid a gentle sweeping kiss across his face and he fell into his semi conscious state of awareness; awaiting the wisdom that sought him out every morning.
His slow drift from reality was interrupted to the firm touch of a palm on his left shoulder. He jolted round to see a close companion of his peering down on him bearing a great smile, it was Kris. Although his friend knew all too well of his devotion to his early morning acts, Chris was always embarrassed for anyone to see him practising it. Blushing he jumped to his feet and attempted to appear not concerned by his blonde friend’s presence
“Hey” he beamed
“Alright mate”
There was a short silence; neither quite knew how to react to this current discomforting situation.
“I’m sorry for disturbing you, it’s just...”
“I need some help” Kris said, now looking at the ground, he never was one to admit weakness
“What with?”
Kris fumbled over the decision on how to word it, he had thought about how to pronounce his desire a hundred times on his journey to this very spot but it all seemed to sound silly now.
“Last night in my lesson, my fencing teacher told me that I need to find inner peace so I can focus on my ability.” Chris peered at him unconvinced at this sudden interest in his activities. Kris continued, “Bob thinks I’m too aggressive, and considering you come out here and meditate every morning, I thought I could ask for some advice”

More to come soon, let me know what you think!!

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