Sunday, 12 April 2009

I need to tell you something…

It came from the future; a message from a distant warrior, prophesising what is yet to come for us. A warning of the wars we shall fight and the heroes who shall save us. Found in the desert near Cairo, hundreds of pages of words burnt into paper that cannot be analysed or identified appeared in the sand. The work was found in 52BC by Aulus, a soldier in the Roman army, who took it back to Rome as a secret trophy for his work in the military. However, unable to decipher the symbols, he hid the work under his house. Aulus died suddenly in 67BC and the work was forgotten for almost two thousand years, until it was found in 1996 by a construction team who were renovating the site of where he lived. The work was sent to an anonymous British historian who requested in his will that it be sent to me and I was to publish it. Upon his death in 2009, I started work on formatting the book and it will soon be put into publication. Now you too can read the story of the world’s future.


The top page of the stack of papers which the book is based on reads;


“To Whom It May Concern,


                I write this account to tell you of what the future has to offer for your very existence. Please find attached the first part of my work; The Awakening. This is the story of my Father’s past, your future. I beg of you, publish this book and tell all of the tales I write in this and the subsequent documents, of which there are many. It is my duty to tell this tale, and maybe prevent the deaths that have already occurred from taking place. Maybe my future is unset by sending this document to you, but I am prepared to risk this eventuality. Please, read, enjoy and prepare for the future.


Yours sincerely,


                William Hungary”



Learn the truth of the future; the war, the love, the courage, and the fate of our planet in this first instalment of The Chronicles of The Chosen: The Awakening.


Coming soon!

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