Wednesday, 8 April 2009

*Drum roll* BIG NEWS!!

Well not huge, but still coolness to announce!

The other night my friend Harry and I started a brand new spin off blog, entitled Reno and Harry Rock The Casbah – no, not meaning we have sex, instead it means that we write about awesome music. Harry and I have really cool and diverse music tastes, so it’s a good contrasting mix of styles and ideas. We’ve already got quite a few pieces up, with about 3 or 4 posts going up daily, so head over there for awesome junk – here’s an easy link… CLICK ME!!!

The other big announcement is still going to come soon, but thats a mega hush subject, I know a few of you are really anxious to know what it is, AJ especially! Fear not, all will be revealed soon!


Still having a great time at Mum’s house, it’s nice to have some home comforts – real food, big TV, sky, etc. I do miss Stoke but not as desperately as I usually do, I like being here at the moment, getting some work done and working at my own pace – it’s great! The end of uni is coming towards me at the speed of a bullet and I’m bloody terrified!! Moving out of my house, finding a new place to live and work, getting up before 10am every day, it’s a big change! BRING IT ON!

It’s been a good while since I watched TV properly, and I forgot how disgusting some adverts are, especially in exploiting women in their obsession with looking thin – my example of this is the Special-K adverts on at the moment, asking “looking forward to summer but not wearing your swimsuit?” – showing a woman looking the mirror looking unsure, then advising the special~k way of getting thin.

(This isn’t the same video but it’s similar)

The stupid thing is, the woman in the video is by no means fat, she’s not even curvy for Christ’s sake. This will therefore make any women who are larger than her to think they’re fat, it sets standards too high for them and will just make them more self conscious. If you doubt that then ask yourself this; do Kellogg’s really care about how thin you are, or do they care about making money? I’d like to think their morals are in place but of course, it’s all about the moolah – raise the bar to say thin women are fat, then more fat people buy in = more sales and more cash.




Hello. I’m Reno. I rant about things that make no difference and I can’t do anything about. How are you?


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