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Saturday, 11 April 2009

2 muffins sitting in an oven…

…one says to the other “it’s getting hot in here!!” the other turns and says






Emma finally hit my house for Easter fun part 2 (which should have been Wednesday but she’s rubbish!) Anyway, it was cool, we hung out for the afternoon at mine then planned the evening. Unfortunately the film we were gunna go see (Fast&Furious) sold out before we even left, so we thought this…


facers mate

Despite the Sat nav being rubbish, I managed to direct Emma to the place properly. We hit Tesco, then the pub for an hour or two. Was lovely, even if we had 2 milfs sat across from us and then 2 people on a double date – the bloke was a total geek and was making his date a bit scared me thinks. We chatted about the most inappropriate things for a public area, especially as we were right next to the cue for food orders, so a lot of people heard us talking about sex and…well I won’t go into it lol.


Here’s a few pics from our adventure…



(I’m Jacko with pineapple hair!)

DSCN0944DSCN0950 DSCN0957DSCN0951


(omg loads of Weetabix!!)




(The aftermath at home!)


Great time was had by all! Thanks Chooch for an awesome Easter :)


I want to thank AJ for writing such a lovely and moving blog about Thursday’s announcement. It means a lot that people really care, but to have a blog post written about me was overwhelming to say the least. Cheers man :)




In Australia News, tomorrow Mum and I are sitting down and planning my future from now until I take off – including jobs, housing, locations, budgets, flights, visas, passports and pretty much anything else we can think of…HAPPY EASTER TO ME.

Nah, only kidding, I love the idea of doing that stuff, it’s gunna be MEGA!! :D

So excited!!


Today’s song is…



Best lyric ever is the first line of this song… “I wana slit your throat, and f*** the wound” lol, love it, real passion and hatred is what you need with metal.


Aaaaaanyway, I’ve rambled enough!



Reno x

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