Friday, 7 November 2008

The longest week of all time

Okay, so that didn’t last long

I’m back

and so are you


OI! Okay so this week has been pretty fucking mental, I decided to unplug myself from blogger for a few days, otherwise I would have posted a blog (or two) that were far too distressing for you to read, and you’d probs be worried about me – but I’m okay! Honest :)


This week the election happened, one of the most exciting things of our time, and to be honest its a big blur among all the lost sleeping hours and endless time I’ve spent in my room thinking the same thoughts over and over, so I missed out a little – but I watched Obama win as it happened, so I can be proud of being a part of that historic moment.

Congratulations Barack, I knew you could do it.

While I was watching it, I recorded the following video of Ricky Gervais and uploaded it to YouTube, and its managed to get more views than all my older vlogs put together!!

Been playing a lot of NES games on my emulator, completed Mario Bros 3, that’s a bloody long game mate!!


Went LRV tonight for some refreshing time away from these 4 walls, and I got myself a stupid amount of photos. We managed to create the LRV metal cru, where we scream to all the cheesy dance tunes – recording coming soon. But here’s the cru in action!


Just pretend I’m there too :P

Catch you in a few days broods!

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