Monday, 10 November 2008

Just another manic Monday

Good gosh, things go from bad to worse, then a bit better, then even worse.

Can’t get head-nor-tails of my situation at the moment and it’s really starting to do me over.

Can’t get my head around anything actually to be honest, my work is slowly suffering – photography front to be honest. Haven’t had the time or will to go anywhere and take photographs to be honest, and I don’t see myself doing much soon either.

Yesterday has to be one of the craziest days ever, the amount of emotions I experienced in a matter of 12 hours was insane. Thing is, I would go through those emotions again if I knew I would get what I want, so now I just have to wait and hope I will.

So much other crap I can’t be bothered to write about.

Here’s a nice new Rapture poster for you!

brand new poster copy

See you dudes soon :)

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