Sunday, 28 February 2010

Reno’s Moans: Fame Nation

Welcome, one and all, to Reno Explains it All! I am here once again to sample you with servings from the bucket of thought liquids which leak out from the crack in my skull

This week I’m moaning about celebrities. Okay, so there are two kinds of celebs – there are good ones and bad ones, which is a pretty obvious way of classifying them, so let me break it down for you. We’ll start on the positives and go for the celebrities I like.

So what is the good kind of celebrity? Well, those who don’t seek fame through their chosen profession such as actors and musicians who pursue what they do to make a use of their talents for the sake of providing the public with some form of art.

And this is where pride fits in to this rolling theme, is it selfish for these indirect celebrities to seek a job such as a lead part in a sitcom or a movie for the sake of furthering their career (and thus, pride in their own work)? Or would it be better to be someone who set out their life from their early years simply to get into movies and become someone famous? Well when you consider the kinds of TV that comes out every year, there’s no real need for that anymore – if you want to seek your fame in one instance or another, you can jump on a crappy TV show like X Factor or Britains Got Talent or American Idol or World’s Sluttiest Idiot and take a shortcut past all that hard work that really talented people do in building a portfolio and climb the ladder through their work. A large portion of the people who’ll whore themselves out on Britain’s Top Moron are looking for fame, they won’t say “I want to behello_181421t on X Factor because I want to be a singer” – they’d say “I want to be famous”. Those are the kinds of idiots who make a killing by selling every piece of their lives off, like its a fucking charity auction!

What is one step worse than these people? The magazines who publish stories about them every day.  And you know what’s a step worse than them? You. The people who go out there and PAY your hard earned money on magazines which publish not only direct articles from the tools who love to have cameras follow them around, but also slanderous and lie filled articles which rip apart the people who are in the lime light without even having a say in it.



How would YOU feel if a pap took a picture of you while you were trying to have some private time away on holiday? Or following you around on motorbikes while you try to go and buy some clothes? Or, I dunno, being endlessly chased when you try and leave a party?

One thing that really upsets me is when one of those highly talented people who didn’t need input from the scum ridden magazines which slur about celebrities sells out and lets the lowest form of publication (yes I put Hello! magazine below a bondage porn mag) by letting them pay a million quid for an exclusive story about the strategic methods they shaved their balls when they were 24. It’s funny, because if these magazines weren’t in demand then they’d shut down after a while due to a lack of funds, which means there are hundreds of thousands of sheep going out there and buying this shit and it sickens me. What kind of culture have we come to where people take pleasure in reading about how someone’s life is falling apart? Who the fuck are YOU to judge THEM? Hey, I might not like some of the people who are in the limelight, but I sure as hell respect their rights to privacy. Is your life really THAT dull that you need to pay for a mostly fabricated story (always submitted by ‘a friend’) just to cushion the absence of anything substantial in your pathetic existence? Get a life. And for those people who go out and try to flash their lives for the sake of being in these publications, well, you are the epitome of human garbage.

And I’m done!
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