Sunday, 21 February 2010

No More Fiction!

Welcome to the new home of my brain.

I realised that my fiction posts deserve their own place online and Reno Explains it All isn’t the place for them. I’m going to be setting up a new blog soon for the Doctor Who stuff so keep your eyes peeled for it, but for now I’m going to take the advice of my fans and keep this blog just for opinions and lifestyle updates.

Don’t forget tomorrow’s radio show – the launch of me explaining it all on the airwaves, I can’t wait!! You can tune in over at One Media Radio at 2pm (UK time) for the best music, entertainment and chat!

We’ve had very odd weather lately, we had a blizzard overnight and then all the snow melted in the same day! Nice of winter to throw us a final flurry before it sods off for another 9 or 10 months – I’m sick of it now, BRING ON SUMMER!!


Anyway I’m late for a meeting with a man about a cat.
See you on the airwaves tomorrow!!

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