Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Get more twitter followers for free!

Hey guys, here’s your mid-week post that is detached from current topics I’m talking about. I want to tell you about an AWESOME and FREE way of getting a lot of twitter followers over a short amount of time. Up until last week I had just over 100 followers and that’s from over a year of tweeting. Now, a week later, I have 615 followers and the number goes up on a constant basis, in fact an email just came up on my screen saying I have another follower. So, what is this magical way of getting your name out there on Twitter? It’s simple; Twiends.


The system is pretty simple, it works on a system of credits whereby you earn credits when you follow twiends1other people on the system and lose credits when people follow you. When your credits reach zero you stop being listed on the follow page and have to either follow some more people (which is an easy and automatic system unless you’re picky) or you can pay an upfront fee for a larger amount of credits without needing to follow anyone! The system is great, and although you end up following a lot of people, you really can grow your online community online in a quick and easy way without paying a dime. 500 new followers in a week? That’s a no brainer.

hellomate Of course, there is an argument that these new followers are just following you for the sake of achieving the same thing as you – numbers on a list, which is true, it does happen, but it’s not all doom and gloom! If you’re looking at trying to spread your product/brand/presence online then you don’t need to know all your followers, because you’re doing it on a purely on a basis of spreading the word and I know that at least some of my new followers will have found their way to reading this page simply because I posted it on twitter, so go figure. On the other side of this argument is the fact that I have made some genuine new friends through this system who I tweet with every day, and anyone who you really can’t stand can just be unfollowed, nothing to argue about there! It’s also reignited my love for online content, which is where this re-branding and more regular posting has come from :D

So check out and start getting more followers today!!



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