Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Doctor Who – Time Rupture


Hey everyone, I realised earlier that I haven’t blogged in ages and my posts always seem much more popular when they’re of the Doctor Who nature, so here is the first chapter of my second story Time Rupture for you to all enjoy. Stay tuned over the following weeks as I post more and more parts of the story! It is set in series 4 of the TV show and is in between the episodes of Midnight and Turn Left. Here is an opening video for context, there will also be one at the end of the story too, as it was with the last story. Enjoy!!




Chapter 1 – Home

“Doctor…” Donna said timidly as she paced around the TARDIS console “can we go back to Earth?”

The Doctor looked up from what he was doing and analysed her a little “Of course” a little shocked that she felt she even had to ask

“I just miss Gramps” she smiled

“Okay” he smiled, pressing the large clear button that launched the ship’s time vortex manipulation and they were off on their way back to 2008. The engines were particularly noisy for such a normal trip and the Doctor peered up at the glowing blue tower as they groaned and churned their way through time and space. He grabbed his specs from his jacket pocket and fumbled them onto his face, squinting at the tower and then the screen below it.

tardis-interior.preview“What’s wrong with you?” he asked rhetorically. Donna stood back, a little worried that she  had caused this by choosing the wrong destination or some other alien thing that she hadn’t accounted for or even been aware of. Over the last few months she had seen things that had changed her, a lot of her bitterness had gone now and she realised that had this been her first day in the TARDIS she would have just made some kind of stupid remark about how the space man’s flying wasn’t up to scratch or making asking if the ship had an upset stomach and offering it a Rennie tablet. But this time she just stood back and watched, it was a humble life on board the Time Lord’s ship, even if the time they spent outside it was always hectic and often life threatening.

The groaning came to an inevitable stop, as it always did, when the ship appeared to land on solid ground. Despite the dynamics of the vessel, you could always feel the difference between flight and being grounded, it was almost like your feet were slightly floating when they the ship was in motion, not that they were, it was just a very strange feeling. Even so, the ship had landed and they prepared to depart when there was a very sudden jolt which shook the TARDIS for a few seconds and then everything was normal again. Donna was near the front door at this stage, eager to go and find her Granddad, but outside she found something she hadn’t anticipated, or more precisely it was some-when.

“That’s not 2008” she said “what did you do?” Donna took a step out onto the obviously backdated road and looked around. A newspaper blew across the road and to her feet, picking it up she shouted out to the Doctor, who was still inside the TARDIS “1981? You’ve got to be kidding me! I thought you knew how to fly that thing!”donna

“What?” the Doctor said, stepping out and adjusting the lapels on his long brown coat, then  he looked around and noticed the evident change in where they should be. He ran back into the TARDIS and peered at the screen, which still said they had landed in 2008 “that doesn’t…” but before he could finish his sentence the ship shook again and a flood of summer sun now shone through the TARDIS’s doors. He dashed to the door and peered out, Donna was nowhere to be seen, just the world he had been expecting the first time. Donna was lost in time and he had no idea how to find her again…


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