Monday, 22 December 2008

Fuck Society – Fragrance

Okay so it’s been a while since I wrote a fuck society blog, and I felt compelled to write this one today after watching TV. In under an hour I saw the advertisement below, watch it and I’ll explain my problem :)

I’m sick of the way that rich companies will exploit the trademark of a celebrity for their own benefit. I don’t know if that is what annoys me more, or if its the fact that Mister McGregor would sell out in such a way. Either way, it’s shameful that either parties would do this. I mean, does the smell of your aftershave really have anything to do with the fact that Ewen went around the world on a motorbike? If you were to buy this rip off bottle of alcohol and urea would you automatically want to go journeying around the world…or better yet would you feel like you already have done? I don’t see what this advert has to do with the fact that it’s just a fragrance. Please explain or get off my screen. Damn pop culture.


Okay, anyway! On the upside, the novel is very much on the way now. I’m taking a new linear look on things so I can’t skip forward anymore. I’m not allowed to write chapter 2 until i’ve finished chapter 1 and so on. This has been my problem before, get bored of the current subject and skip forward to something more exciting in the narrative. But ultimately this gives me more work to do, as adding new characters in a previous chapter means I’ll need to go back and re-write whatever I’ve done in the other chapters later in the story. So instead of jumping back and forth in this endless cycle I’d rather just write straight through, finish, go back and re-edit in the same order. Makes it much easier. So, the first chapter is now entitled ‘A Brief History of the Past’ and gives a whole new intro to the story including a narrator you’re left leaving questions about. He explains the history of the Earth leading up to that point, it gives less of a surprise later in the story but I think the reader will appreciate it a little more.

Anyway, here’s an awesome music video I just watched on Kerrang! :) Enjoy!!



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