Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Every day I write the book…I mean blog (141 days to lift off)

Nice little Costello joke there for Dad, hope he’s feeling okay, he had an accident a few weeks back and is recovering currently. Chatted with him over Skype last night, was nice to catch up and check he’s all good.


On Sunday night Bex came to stay over. Was the best thing since sliced bread and already grated cheese in a packet (look out for that later). We had such an ace 2 days catching up and, when I think about it, talking about sex constantly. What’s the deal with that? Oh well. We watched videos, hung out with Dax, told jokes, I farted under the bed sheets and bex got her baps out…




What did you think I meant?!?


Here’s a video we recorded on how to create my ‘Ultimate Mega Triple Burgers’, give it a go if you get a chance!!




That was a lot of fun. Dax has given me 24 series 3 and I’ve been working through it for the last few nights. I’m about to start episode 15 (my lucky number) – watching it has further convinced me that 24 is the best TV show in history, it’s just amazing.



Season 7 has just finished, make sure you catch up on that shit, it was an amazing season. Also, got a bit of news regarding season 8 – apparently it be taking place almost immediately after the end of season 7, which is unusual as we’re used to having at least 18 months between seasons, so this is going to be a cool thing to see – and it means we’ll deffo be seeing president Taylor again, who I am a fan of. Season 8 will debut on the 10th of January 2010 :)


That’s about it for now, today’s song goes out to Dad, hope he enjoys it and you do too.



Reno x

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