Saturday, 2 May 2009

The catch up! (164 days to lift off)

Wow, soooo much to catch up on with you guys!! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, don’t worry, I’m back properly now. Got looooads of pics to upload and plenty of random shiznits to share with you.


So let’s start at the beggining! I had my haircut on Monday 13th, Dax dyed the front of hair black that night and it looked like this…




And then it looked like this… 





The next day Dax came back round and we did the back…





Dax had cut and coloured his hair earlier that night,

now he looks a bit like Gary Glitter…






So that’s Reno and Dax’s hair revolution over. What else has happened recently? Well you saw the dissertation stuff in the last post. That shit was mental. Couldn’t believe how tired I was when that was finished, it messed up my brain and my sleeping patterns but I’m glad I got it done!



Cheeky grin and greasy fringe – eek!



Anyway, the next day I followed up on my promise to visit some pals back home as soon as my work was over. So the following day (Tuesday) I jumped on a train and headed to Worcester. Saw AJ and Naomi, then AJ and I went to see Kris’ grave, then we headed to college and saw Tom for a bit – had an awesome chat and caught up, was amazing to reconnect like that for the first time in 3 years. Can’t believe how fast its gone by. Here’s some pics from my trip…


DSCN1025 DSCN1026 DSCN1024


         Worcester: Sunny                Birmingham: Thunder Storm



The clouds cleared beautifully just as we got to the church that day,

AJ and I agreed that it was Kris who cleared the sky for us.

We knew he was there with us and we miss him deeply.



On Wednesday we had the special Dave and Ben Rapture Session Take-over, which was absolutely mental! We broke the Rapture listener record (we hit 25) and just had an amazing time, even if the lads locked me out of the studio 3 times!! Here’s a few pics…





Afterwards Ben and Amy convinced me to go to Gobble for the first time since January and I’ll be honest, it was the best night out I’d had in absolutely ages. The pic below was taken during the night and its my favourite photo of 2009. It’s of me and my wife Amy :D


DSCN1054 Love it.


Thursday I spend hanging out with Jade which was ace, drumming and guitar hero all day which was just so relaxed and cool to make a new friend. Then came Friday. The previous night Dax and I signed up for the Lynx Bullet Pocket Pulling Challenge – add our profile here!


Got some bullets and other essentials from Wilko’s on Friday afternoon then in the evening I invited my college friend Callum up for the evening. This really did complete an amazing week of reconnecting with my past and also looking forward to my bright future. I found new friends and was reunited with old friends, just a brilliant week. Here’s an album of pics from Sugarmill with Callum, Paul, Shane and Jade!



I didn’t even cover everything that’s happened but this post has gone on for ages so I’d better rap it up now. Posts will resume on a regular basis soon so stay tuned to Reno Explains it All from now on!!


Here’s today’s song lovely people!!



Reno x

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