Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My first astral projection experience

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting a Phobia Friday video last week! I was away without a computer so I wasn’t able to upload anything. However, while I was back I experienced something amazing and refreshing. In case you hadn’t noticed or I haven’t told you, I recently took up Buddhism – I’ll be happy to go into this later but at the moment I’ll skip that and tell you about my first ever experience of astral projection.

On Saturday (the day before I came back to Stoke) I wasn’t feeling 100% so I decided to meditate for a while in my room. I was laying on my bed with my elbows down and my forearms raised to about a 45 degree angle. As I closed my eyes I played my thunderstorm meditation mp3 on my headphones and just sunk into my experience a little. As I sank more and more, I became aware of two separate mind states – one was the awareness of my conscious physical location and in particular where my hands were, as they were the only things that weren’t flat against the bed. From a visual perspective (though my eyes were shut) I knew that focusing on my hands I was looking in their respective directions, so my left eye looked left and my right eye looked right. When doing this, my hands would stay completely still. Then, my eyes would focus to the centre and my mind would clear, this is when my hands would begin to move and I could consciously feel them moving. After a few seconds of moving my eyes would leave the centre again and they’d stop moving. This process happened quite a few times until I was completely exempt of my physical situation. It’s a little hard to explain what happened next, in some respects I knew where I was but at the same time I couldn’t feel my physical body at all. A few minutes later I realised that under these waves of consciousness and focus I’d been receiving questions when my eyes were centred on this invisible column in the middle of my mind. I knew the questions had been there the whole time, I couldn’t tell you what the questions were or what my answers were, because there were no words. Soon after this, I met the woman who was asking me this questions – an old lady (about 60) from Thailand. I don’t know how I know she was from Thailand, but I do. She stood behind a market stall which was up against a grey wall. From behind the market stall she handed me a china vase with some bright flowers in it. Without speaking I said I couldn’t take them, but she insisted. Again, there were no physical words here, I can’t speak Thai and I highly doubt she speaks English. The only way I can explain it is communication with our minds. I thanked her for the questions and for the flowers, she smiled at me and it all just faded away. At that point I knew what was happening, I told myself I wanted to wake up so I could put it on Facebook and tell everyone about it – but I physically couldn’t do it, there was no control over me coming back to opening my eyes. At the moment of telling myself that I wanted to wake up I know I was looking at a cliff face, it looked like the grand canyon, I have no idea what the connection is there but it was very clear, I can still picture it now.

So the sceptics will say “you were asleep” – maybe, but it didn’t feel like sleep, never before have I slept and known of my physical situation, never have I been asleep and wanted to wake up, I am always fooled by my dreams into thinking they’re real. On top of this, the whole process only lasted about 9 or 10 minutes, as I woke up with several minutes left on the thunderstorm mp3 (which is only 16 minutes long). I didn’t feel drowsy or sleepy when I came back around, I felt very normal and refreshed.

I can’t tell you if she was real. I can’t tell you if she was a living person connecting with me or a spirit. I can’t tell you if I was asleep or if this was all my imagination. All I can tell you is I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life, I had no fear and no discomfort, just peace. A friend of mine online was very supportive and offered more information on the subject, as well as telling me the Thai lady was probably real. On top of this, she told me to see the meaning behind the offer of flowers – probably renewal and new life. It’s nice to know there are others out there supporting me and hoping for this new life who I’ve never even met. I can only hope to have another experience like it again soon :)


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