Sunday, 24 January 2010

Dream a little dream…

Hello all, I want to thank everyone who read Scavenger Hunt and gave me positive feedback, it’s been a real pleasure to write. I’m going to make you wait a little longer before Time Rupture starts, but I’ll be giving you a few spoilers between now and then so keep an eye out for them!

Anyway, there’s a few new things going on in my life – recently I’ve been having really really clear and strange dreams so I’m going to start blogging them as a dream diary (if I continue to have them) and you can post comments about them if you like, some people know the meanings to dreams so I’m all up for it. The other night I had such a crazy dream it had a million people from my past (not literally) and it signified the end to a lot of things for me, which was really refreshing, even if the imagery got a little trippy at times. Oh well.

My new (unpaid) job starts tomorrow as Executive Producer for the Home Time show on One Media Radio at Staffs Union, it’s going to be great managing a team of people, not too sure how good I’'ll be at it, I’ll be tweeting though so keep an eye at the top of this page or go to my twitter page to see what’s going on!

That’s about all for now guys, thanks for reading and I’ll catch you all soon :D

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