Sunday, 17 January 2010

Doctor Who – Scavenger Hunt

Part 11 – Sontaran Eulogy


Taan had made his way up to the large metal balcony that hung over the back of the control room and sat down; his legs dangling over the edge. Martha noticed him and took a quick look at what the other two were doing - they were discussing locations and vortex manipulation traces, which she had little interest in, so she took this advantage to learn more about her Sontaran counterpart. She climbed the ladder and made her way over to Taan, slumping down next to him and smiling

“What is your story?” the inquisitive Sontaran asked. The Doctor was too busy to notice their conversation this time, so without fear of judgment from her seemingly wiser counterpart she told him

“Gosh, there’s not much to tell, I’m Martha Jones and I’m a medical student"

“Where are you from Martha?”

“Earth” she smiled, Taan looked a little confused as to how she could come from that desolate little planet they had just left and then he remembered that they were both travelling with a Time Lord

The Doctor continued to fuss with controls in the pursuit of the Hybrid Locker, Martha heard him tell Reelog that they were travelling forwards through the 21st and 22nd century

Martha looked back to Taan “That wasn’t my world though, so many years ago, miles away” by this point she had almost fallen into a daze and began repeating a cycle of four taps of her index and middle finger on her lap

“Martha?” Taan interjected, she shook her head and looked at him “Are you alright?”

“Yes… sorry"

“Do you have family?”

“Yeah,” she smiled “Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister” their faces lit up in her mind for a moment

“Then why are you here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well on Sonta war is all we know, this is what I am made for, but you have so much freedom – why would you make yourself a soldier?” Martha didn’t quite know how to answer this

“Well, I don’t really see myself as a soldier, I’m just a traveler”

“And yet, in the space of two days you have been imprisoned, fought your way out of jail and battled an interstellar crime lord – is that the way you wish to travel?”

“I don’t know, I guess it’s just a part of the adventure” she changed the subject “What is Sonta like?”

Taan sighed “My home world is one big military structure, the war is designed in every inch of every complex, we exist to fight and we fight to exist. The air is thick with a heavy vapor from the cloning factories and we breathe the lust for victory. We are not born, we are grown from living cells – only the best warriors are selected and the rest of the live stock is burnt. We know of the sacrifice that our brothers feel day by day, we taste the war before we even see it. We are taught only one thing; the glory of Sonta.”

Martha was taken back by the imprinted ruthlessness in Taan’s mind

“But you’re different” she suggested, he looked at her displeasingly

“I am not, I would die for Sonta, just as you would die for Earth”

“But I wouldn’t kill for it,” she insisted “and I don’t think you would either”

Taan paused for a moment, realising his new found compassion for others “Only one” Martha knew exactly which ‘one’ he meant, and soon he would get that chance.

“GOTCHA!” the Doctor shouted from the console

“You found them?!” Martha shouted as she hopped up and made her way over to the ladder “OH YES!” the Doctor shouted in return. Taan, meanwhile, had decided to excuse kind footing and jumped the six or seven foot down to the outer ring of the control room before hulking himself over to join the other three in front of the tilted screen with co-ordinates that only the Doctor could read.

“So where are they?” Martha asked

“I’ve stabalised the TARDIS in a spot where the Hybrid Locker will soon pass on its way to the orbital port, when it comes near Reelog can jump back on board with his teleport”

Taan and Reelog grabbed their equipment and made their way towards the double doors of the ship “We have to stop Critidan, if he makes it to the orbital port he will have bounty hunters and friends on his side, if that happens they’ll hunt us all down and it will have been for nothing” the Sontaran said

“Not for you.” Reelog held his hand up to separate the two criminals from the Doctor’s companion. The teleport lit up the two warriors and they disappeared; leaving Martha on the gangplank

“No!” she shouted, lurching forward, but they were gone.


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