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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Freshers, Varsity and a new schedule

Hello friends, thanks for coming back to this little place my thoughts like to call home. I’ve decided that my blogs really are too sporadic and random these days. You’ll find me pledging more regular posts across the last year but I really want to make as much effort as possible to do regular blogs for you guys! So from now on there will be a new schedule – Wednesdays and Fridays will be new post days, with the possibility of one on a Sunday too (Sundays are so boring).

Anyway, the last few days have been hectic, what with this year’s freshers hitting Staffs Uni for another start up year of madness. It’s been great so far, really great to see them all settling in and having fun. I’ve met quite a few of them, been in halls, been in the LRV and also helped to inform them about Varsity Radio.

Speaking of which, things are getting really good for the station, the building is virtually finished, furnished and filled up with delightful stuff. Next comes the equipment and internet connection, followed by the final major steps of filling in the schedule and getting everyone into the station to meet for a day. Remember, Varsity is YOUR station, so get your ideas into us for what you want on air and also get involved as a Rep or as a presenter/staff member! Email for more information.

Speaking of Varsity Staff, I’d like to welcome Millie on board as the new Assistant Reps manager for the station, a good friend and an enthusiastic  fan of what Varsity is all about. Saturday and Monday saw a whole lot of new Reps coming on board with the station, mainly down to Millie’s influence. Bring on the next step of the spoken word campaign!

Lots of new music on the scene for Reno at the moment, I’m really enjoying Muse at the moment but the big new album I’m paying attention to is La Roux’s self titled album, it’s my new contender for Varsity Album of the Year!

Here’s my favourite track from the album…

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